How to make a facial mask with honey

Honey is an ingredient full of benefits for our health. And it is that in addition to being the best alternative to soften in a natural way, it is also an excellent cosmetic ally present in many products for hair and skin. So why not make the most of it?.

Facial mask with honey – perfect mask

Honey is an excellent antioxidant, a good skin moisturizer, an ingredient that promotes healing and an incredible natural antibiotic that helps us eliminate accumulated bacteria. All these characteristics make it a perfect ingredient for the development of natural facial mask with honey.

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The perfect mask to cleanse the skin and eliminate the accumulated fat is the mask with honey and lemon. Simply add three spoonfuls of honey to a container, put a few seconds in the microwave (so that the honey softens) and incorporate the juice of a lemon.

Apply to the face with gentle upward circular movements and let act for 20 minutes. By removing it, you will notice that your skin will be much softer and beautiful.

Another very effective recommendation is the honey and oat mask, perfect to soften the skin, nourish it and exfoliate it. An all-in-one solution! Simply mix 1/4 cup of oatmeal with 1/4 cup of pure water and two spoonfuls of honey.

Stir until mixture is homogeneous, then apply to face for 15 minutes. When you remove the oatmeal, this will help you to exfoliate the skin. This natural facial mask with honey is recommended for people who suffer from acne.

If you are a fan of almond oil for its many properties on the skin, it will surely delight you to know that it is also a great ally of honey to achieve a powerful mask cleanser. Mix two spoonfuls of honey and a spoonful of almond oil, apply to the face and massage by making upward circles for two minutes.
Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove in warm water. Discover a beautiful face in minutes.

A mask that is also popular and awesome is the mask with honey and aspirin. In addition to the benefits of honey we have already mentioned, aspirin helps to de-flame the complexion and improve its appearance. You will only need three aspirins mixed with a teaspoonful of warm water. Stir until completely dissolved, then add a spoonful of honey.
Get a homogeneous blend, then apply it on your face.

Remove after 15 minutes by gently rubbing the skin with circular motions to exfoliate. Apply any of these natural facial mask with honey to honey and enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful ingredient.