How to Make a Glycerin Soap

Making handmade soaps is an easy task and that can save us some money. One of the main types of handmade soap is glycerin soap, which will allow you to enjoy all its benefits. We will be able to choose the perfume that we like most for our handmade soap, that we can use for our toilet but also to perfume drawer and cabinet. In this article of macyte.com we explain step by step how to make a glycerin soap.

Materials needed to make a glycerine soap

 You will need:
 Glycerine Loaf or Liquid Glycerin
 Silicone molds
 Essential oils
 Dyes (optional)
 Tools for stirring

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The first thing to do to make a glycerin soap is to melt the glycerin: for this, cut a glycerin bread into small pieces and place them in a container.

You can choose to melt the glycerine in a microwave or a bain-marie, depending on your preference, and be careful to use a suitable container in both cases, and do not use a usual container for cooking.

There is also the possibility of using liquid glycerin to make the soap. For this you will have to heat up water, and when it is about to boil add glycerine to thicken it. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions on the amount of glycerine required for each liter of water. You can find glycerin in drugstore, pharmacy and supermarkets.

In either case, you will have to stir the glycerine so that it does not form bubbles. It is recommended to perform circular motion while the glycerin is heating.

In case you would like to color the soaps, add a food coloring to the glycerine and mix well so that the color is incorporated well.

You will then need to add the essential oils or natural elements (Honey, Milk) that you like the most in order to perfume your home-made glycerine soap. In general, 3 to 4 drops of essential oil will be used per 250 g of glycerine

Finally, pour the mixture into silicone molds. You can oil them so that the soaps are easier to remove afterwards.

Let the mixture stand until it cools and solidifies, then pass a few hours, when it is dry you can remove the glycerin soaps.