How to Make a Home Mask

Home mask. The skin can be easily damaged and scars can have various causes: an accident, a fall, a burn, an injury caused by physical activity, surgery, or even acne pimples. Stress or age are also factors that can sometimes promote scarring. These marks on your skin are particularly annoying and unattractive if they are in a visible area.

Home Mask Ideas

Aloe vera your best ally

Aloe vera or aloe is very good for the skin because it has regenerative properties of internal cells and tissues. The ingredients to make a Home Mask with aloe vera are:

100 grams of cream with moisturizing base
50 drops of aloe dye
50 drops of calendula dye

With these three ingredients, prepare a homogeneous mixture and apply it for 10 minutes. It can be applied several times a day to improve the appearance of the scar, and you can increase the amount to prepare more mask.

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Mask with lemon juice

A lemon juice Home Mask is very acidic and contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to regenerate and create new cells, and that also helps to eliminate scars. It is ideal for lightening the skin and improving its appearance and health, you can also mix it with sugar, which helps to exfoliate, and thus eliminate dead cells on the skin.

To make this mask you need:

Juice of a slice of lemon A teaspoon of sugar

After washing the area of ??skin to treat, put a few drops of lemon juice (never more than 10) on the scar. Then add the sugar gradually by making small circular movements to make the skin absorb the mixture. The exposure time depends on the size of the scar: the standard is 15 minutes, if you think your scar is larger and deeper you can wait 20 minutes but no more.
If you have sensitive skin, do not add too much lemon to the mixture, because this one can irritate and blush your skin

Mask with baking soda

The next trick to know how to cure scars on the skin try baking soda, a highly alkaline substance that helps dead cells to disappear and thus clear the scar. It’s very simple, you only need two ingredients:

2 tablespoons baking soda
1 teaspoon of water

With these two elements, you will create a paste to apply on your scar. You should leave this mask for 5 minutes, and you can ask it twice a week, but no more.

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