How to make a homemade mint green mask

The properties of mint are various: mint can be used for digestive troubles and respiratory problems but also to take care of the skin. It does not forget that mint is an antiseptic and is therefore very effective in cleansing the skin.

Mint green mask is an antiseptic

Before you begin, you should know that spearmint is not the same as mint. They look similar and feel a bit alike but it is not the same plant.

You can use the spearmint in several ways, such as essential oil or aromatic herb for your baths, as it stimulates and tones the skin. The use of spearmint in beauty tips is especially indicated for oily skin. Be careful though if you have sensitive skin.

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To make this homemade mint green mask you need green mint – look for it in the supermarket infusion or in herbalism -, powdered oats and a container to make the mixture.

First, infuse the mint. It’s very simple: boil water and pour it into a cup. Add a sachet of spearmint infusion or a spoonful to a tea ball if you bought it by weight. Let infuse a few minutes, remove the bag or the tea ball and the infusion is ready.

Remove some of this liquid as you will not need the whole cup and add a spoonful of oats. Stir until everything is thoroughly mixed and your mint green mask will be ready. Apply to the face, leave to act for about 10 minutes then rinse with water.


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