How to make a honey and sugar mask

Honey has remarkable properties for our body: it is a natural antibiotic, a source of energy or a perfect food for fighting colds. But honey is also heavily used in cosmetics.

Honey contains antibacterial properties and sugar is an ideal product to make a good exfoliator, as is the case for example with the exfoliating moisturizer and sugar.

Honey and sugar mask benefit

This honey and sugar mask is perfect for the skin of the face and neck. The antibacterial properties of honey are very useful for acne skins.

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To make this honey and sugar mask you will need only a spoon of honey and another of sugar, a container in which you can make the mixture and a utensil to stir the whole.

If you do not want to give much importance to the exfoliation part and you rely more on the effects of honey, you just need to put more honey than sugar. Try with three spoonfuls of honey for a spoonful of sugar.

Apply it on clean skin, as you will do for any mask, and let it act on your skin for a few minutes. Some recipes mention that you have to let it take between 20 and 25 minutes, but the best thing to do is try different durations for each application to find out what your skin really needs.

Remove it by making circular movements to achieve exfoliation, and then remove the residue with water.