How to Make a Natural Yogurt Mask

Natural Yogurt Mask is an ingredient with an important nutritional value, beneficial for the digestive and immune system. But apart from its properties appreciated for the body, it is also wonderful for the good health of the skin. It is distinguished by moistening and nourishing the skin in its deepest layers, something that is extremely necessary if we want to keep a youthful, fresh and full of life.

Benefits of natural yogurt mask

The antibacterial properties of yogurt are very beneficial to treat acne prone skin, with pimples and blackheads.
It is ideal to have a softer skin, because the yogurt helps to calm the irritations of the dermis and to fight the redness present on the face.
Yoghurt’s lactic acid cleanses the skin thoroughly and removes dead skin remains, which promotes youthfulness and vitality of the face.

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To take advantage of all the benefits of yogurt on your skin, we suggest you develop a facial mask based on Natural Yogurt Mask, honey and oats. With these ingredients, you can also obtain a perfectly exfoliated and hydrated skin without trace of imperfections and impurities. You need :
5 tablespoons natural yogurt (without sugar)
3 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon of oats

To begin developing the natural yogurt mask, add the oatmeal in a container with warm water to soften a little. Once they have the desired consistency, place them in another container and add the Natural Yogurt Mask and honey. Simply mix all the ingredients with a spoon until they fit completely and you will get a homogeneous paste.

Now is the time to apply it on the face! You will have to do it on a clean skin to ensure that all the nutrients of the mask are completely absorbed. Spread it on the whole face by circular and ascending movements without exerting too much force. Allow the mask to work for at least 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Your skin will look new!

Aside from this mask, natural yogurt can be combined with other ingredients that are also effective for some home beauty treatments. For example, you can mix yogurt and lemon that is well known for lightening the skin and fighting the opacity of the face. Discover the recipe in the article How to make homemade masks to lighten the skin.


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