How to Make a Pineapple Mask

People with oily or mixed skin with greasy tendency tend to have blackheads on the face, which are only accumulations of dirt in the open pores. Once the problem of blackheads is solved, there is another one that worries many people with this type of skin. The open pores and skin imperfections that often experience oily skin.

The pineapple mask is a natural and effective way to close pores and give a more even complexion to the skin. The pineapple mask brings alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to your skin, found in many expensive cosmetics.

The benefits of pineapple mask for the skin

The pineapple allows voting skin to recover its elasticity and firmness. This fruit promotes the production of collagen and the synthesis of it, which will provide more strength and suppleness to your skin. This fruit accelerates the repair of the tissues of a damaged skin because the pineapple has amino acids and vitamin C.

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If you want a quick cure, apply pineapple juice directly to a clean, dry skin avoiding the eye area and wait 10 minutes. Remove the Pineapple Mask with plenty of lukewarm water. The pineapple and honey mask is also very effective. In addition to the properties of pineapple, there are also honey, famous for its hydrating and healing properties.

You should mix one tablespoon of honey and half a tablespoon of pineapple juice until you get a homogeneous paste. Apply the mask to the dry, clean skin of your entire face, avoiding the eyes and wait about 15 minutes. Finally, remove the mask with honey and pineapple with warm water. Repeat the process two or three times a week and soon you will have a skin with no blackheads, smoother and firm.

If you need to eliminate blackheads, you must reduce your skin’s fat production to avoid the dreaded shine on your face, you can try applying a mask to apple, yogurt and pineapple To enjoy their astringent properties that keep your skin in perfect health. You will need a half apple, parsley sprigs, a slice of pineapple and a half cup of plain yogurt. Start by mixing the apple, parsley and pineapple. You can add yogurt later to obtain a homogeneous paste.

Apply the mask on your clean, dry face and wait for 15 minutes. To enjoy its effects, apply the mask every day for two weeks. You will notice that your skin will produce less fat, that you will have less gloss and blackheads.

If you want to make a scrub to eliminate dead cells and regenerate your skin, you can prepare a mask with papaya and pineapple. In this way, you will also eliminate stains, scars and mitigate expression wrinkles with papaya, a fruit that reduces inflammation and also promotes healing.

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You will need a glass of mixed pineapple, half a glass of papaya and a tablespoon of honey. Whip the ingredients until you get a mashed potato. Apply the mask on clean, dry skin and wait 20 minutes. Remove the mask with plenty of lukewarm water Repeat this treatment twice a week. With all the masks we have presented you, you will have the skin of a real mannequin. As you can see, pineapple is an excellent fruit that has many properties, both aesthetic and healthy. Why not try?


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