How to Make an Ambigram Tattoo

An ambigram is a work of art formed by letters. The most important characteristic of the ambigram is that it can be read in different orientations.

For this reason, ambigrams are popular tattoos because they can be placed on an arm or ankle and be read from different points of view. An ambigram can be designed in a straight line or a circular pattern.

You can make the design of your own ambigram tattoo and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Think of one or two words that have deep meaning for you, and which you will never tire of having on your body. Think of the words so that they can be read both from above and from below.

Design ambigram tattoo

For example, “Family Forever”, “Family and Honesty”, “Dad” and “Jedi”, and names like Mateo or Nicole. One can make everything in the art of drawing an ambigram tattoo.

Draw the word, or the words, on a sheet of paper with a pencil. Browse the web and browse art books, examples of Gothic art, ancient English, and Romanesque style letters to find inspiration.

Practice drawing the letters so that each letter resembles something other than itself. For example, draw an “i”, which also looks like an “l”, stretching it and shortening the point.

Test an online ambigram generator to get an idea of ??how to draw your ambigram tattoo.

Write the first word, a phrase or the name you want, and a second word if you want it to appear as a second word, seen from above. Review the results and use them as a guide to your registration.

Buy the drawing and bring it to a tattoo parlor of your choice or bring your drawing to your tattoo artist and ask him to make a series of symbols that he can use to tattoo your body in indelible ink .