How to make an egg and lemon facial mask

The egg and lemon facial mask for the face is a great help to cleanse our face, helping to combat acne and blackheads, and providing flexibility to conceal the presence of wrinkles. This is, without a doubt, one of the best recipes for the health of our skin, and the good news is that it is possible to achieve it at home in a simple way. Want to know how to prepare it?.

Eeg and lemon facial mask – strengthen the health and beauty

Lemon is one of the most used ingredients to eliminate fat. Used in many ways, if ingested, it can improve digestion and help cleanse our colon and liver but applied to the skin it is very effective in decreasing fat production and lightening the dermis.

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For its part the egg has a lifting effect on the skin, favoring its elasticity and beautifying its complexion, but it is at the same time excellent for those who have acne because it helps to unify the complexion of the skin And to tighten the pores.

Thus, the egg and lemon facial mask will help you strengthen the health and beauty of your skin and control acne if you have any. Do not forget that you must always apply the mask to the perfectly clean face and, for this recipe, always make it at night. This will prevent any lemon residue from staining your skin. You can apply it once a week.

To make this egg and lemon facial mask you will need:
From an egg white
From a large lemon
Separate the egg white from the yolk and place it in a container. With a whip, beat the white until it starts to snow. At this time, add the juice of a medium-sized lemon.

Apply this mixture on your face avoiding the area around the eyes and the driest areas of your skin. Do not forget that lemon is used to absorb fat. Leave the mask on your face for 20-30 minutes and then remove it with warm water and making gentle circular movements.