How to Pay for your marriage?

The expenses of a marriage are usually high and, in general, involve an effort for the pocket of the couple or parents. We tell you what are the options of pay for your marriage for a reception and its advantages and disadvantages.

Pay for your marriage is dilemma?

After the excitement of making the decision to get married, many couples begin to worry about the expenses that this event will generate and, above all, how to pay for your marriage?. Today we want to present you with options to solve this dilemma:

One of the families. The first option and also the one that today takes less, is that one of the two families, either the boyfriend or the bride, takes care of all the costs of marriage. The advantage of this option is that it will be a relief for your savings, the disadvantage is the little freedom of choice, since they must satisfy the wishes of those who pay for the marriage.

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Both families The second possibility, and perhaps the most usual one, consists in the two families, both the bride and the groom, paying the marriage. In this case, instead of satisfying the desires of the families, the bride and groom will have to justify how they have spent the money that has been given to them.

The couple. The third option, and the most common one, is for the same couple to pay for everything. With this the couple will have total freedom when it comes to organizing their marriage, although, logically, they should make an effort to assume all the expenses and probably run out of savings.

Help from the guests. The last option, and one that is being used a lot, is to ask your guests to put money they want in a bank account in their name instead of giving them a gift. Thus, they will help them to pay for the expenses of this great day.

Whichever option they choose, the most important thing is to look for what makes them really happy and that allows them to organize the marriage they have always dreamed of so that it remains as the most beautiful memory of their life.


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