How to remove clay in the hair

Modeling clay is a malleable material that children love and can play with for hours. However, this product often leaves spots on the different surfaces and it is not uncommon for it to stick to children’s clothes or hair. This is when parents wonder how to remove these stains and the remains of modeling clay, without hurting the children.

Clay in the hair remove

First of all, do not forget that, unlike a modeling clay, the chewing gum stuck in the hair withdraws with cold water and not hot. When you want to remove clay in the hair, try first to wet the hair with hot water and remove the clay with your fingers.

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If hot water is not enough, a very effective trick to remove clay in the hair is to use baby oil or petroleum jelly, which promotes the rapid dissolution of the silicone contained in this type of paste. Apply baby oil or petroleum jelly slightly over the modeling clay, let it sit for 10 minutes and then use a comb to remove the rest of modeling clay using a Little hot water.

If you do not have one of the two products above, then you can remove clay in the hair with the next home remedy. Moisten your fingers with olive oil and apply it directly on the modeling clay and on the surrounding hair. Let it rest for 15 minutes and then remove with your fingers the modeling clay stuck to the tips of your hair, and you will see that it will gradually leave.

Another method, even if it is a little more aggressive for your hair is to use a disinfectant to remove the clay. This product completely eliminates the silicone contained in the modeling clay, and is therefore a very good solution. Apply a few drops of disinfectant on the modeling clay, spread the product on the surrounding hair with your fingertips and wait 10 minutes. Finish the work with a fine comb and rinse the hair quickly with lukewarm water.

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Once you have successfully removed all the clay, do not forget to wash your hair as you normally do and feed it with a good conditioner or a refreshing mask.


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