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This enigmatic bird, loved by almost all but not so well known by many beyond its common name, has been of course related to several legends, myths and mysteries. Some trying to explain their existence from their origin from the biological point of view and others focus on the place from where they began their long journeys across the American continent to our hearts. Here we leave you some and in the next post we will try to share with you others that we will find.
It has been seriously suggested by several researchers that dinosaurs evolved into birds. It is hard to believe this when you see a hummingbird that feeds on the dragon mouths that grow in your garden and imagine that it had to happen so that the big saurians could become this brilliant little jewel that flies in all directions while submerging its long beak in the secret channel that contains the nectar of flowers. Is this the descendant of the heavy dinosaur that walked on thick legs and shook the earth at every step? Perhaps this hypothesis has more sense than comparing hummingbirds with fairies or messengers of the gods however the evolutionary processes that led them to be the small winged wonders that are, are still hidden today at the mere sight of our time.

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In the plain of Nazca in the south of Peru, the ancient artists carved in other marvels, the image of a hummingbird so big that it can only be recognized at about 1,000 meters of height. These people recognized the sacred nature of nature and although the origin of the Nazca Lines is one of the great mysteries that surrounds humanity, perhaps they understood the magnitude of these small with unique characteristics. Some hypotheses maintain that the immense image of the Nazca hummingbird is related to the place of origin of the first hummingbirds. This idea is sustained by the fact that precisely in this area of ??the planet there is a great variety of species of these birds, of which more than 300 have been identified and it suggests that from here they migrated over the Andes to other countries in South America. and from there throughout the continent to reach the distant and cold Alaska.

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These are some of the mysteries related to these birds that make some people decide to wear hummingbird tattoos. Others, for their part, simply follow the traditions of the places where they are most common and known by the native peoples and where they represent a deep connection with the earth and its origins.

Hummingbirds are found only in the Western Hemisphere, so they are absent from traditional fairy tales, legends and myths of European, Asian and African peoples. However, in the mythology of the American continent there is a rich source of stories about these little birds.

A Mayan legend says that the hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise while trying to woo a beautiful woman: the moon.

Another Mayan legend says that the first two hummingbirds were created from the small pieces of feathers left over from the construction of the other birds. The God who created them was so happy that he made a wedding for them. The first butterflies adorned the room, flower petals fell on the ground to form a carpet, spiders spun cobwebs to make the nuptial path, the sun sent rays that caused the little boyfriends to shine with dazzling red and green tones. The guests at the wedding realized that each time the sun stopped sending rays, the color of the bride and groom became monotonous again like the original gray feathers with which they had been created.

A third Mayan legend holds that hummingbirds emerged in the language of the ancient kings when pure blood poured over the parchments that were burned to make the dazzling creatures appear in the midst of the smoke.
A Mojave legend tells of a time when people lived in an underground world full of darkness. One day they sent a hummingbird to seek the light, which found a narrow path to a higher world illuminated by the sun where people live today.

There is a legend of the Taíno Tribal Nation Jatibonicu of Puerto Rico that talks about a woman and a man from rival tribes who fell in love, like Romeo and Juliet, which provoked the intense criticism of her family and friends. However, the two found a way to escape their time and culture: he turned into a hummingbird and she into a red flower so they could be together forever. The Taino Indians also take the hummingbird as a sacred pollinator whose mission is to bring abundance to new life.

For the Chayma people of Trinidad, hummingbirds are the spirit of their dead ancestors, so damaging them is a taboo. An extinct tribe of the Caribbean called Arawacs thought that the hummingbird was the being that had brought the tobacco, they called it the Doctor Bird.

In a Pima legend a hummingbird acts like the dove of Noah bringing a flower as proof that the great flood was over.

In Mexico there is a legend that speaks of an Indian woman Toroscan to which a hummingbird taught how to weave beautiful baskets as thanks because she had given him sugar water during a drought. The funny thing is that these baskets are used today during the Fiestas de los Muertos.

Although the Apache are an original people of North America and we already dedicate a post to them and their relationship in the hummingbird, we have found this curious story that we wanted to share with you and we have decided to include it in this one. We hope it captivates you as much as we do:

The Apache people have a legend that speaks of a young warrior named Bailarin del Viento, who had been born deaf but could nevertheless sing beautiful songs that bring healing and good weather. The young man married the beautiful Brilliant Rain after rescuing her during the attack of a wolf. Time after Dancer of the Wind was assinated and with his death came the harsh winter that ended as quickly and mysteriously as it had begun. With the end of the bleak cold, Lluvia Brillante began to go for walks only accompanied by the apparent solitude of the fields. The elders of the tribe interpreted that Bailarin del Viento had returned to visit his beloved in the form of a hummingbird, wearing the same war suit and the ceremonial paintings that he had been a man. Soon they saw how in the spring flower fields he approached his beloved and whispered his magic secrets in his ear, allowing peace and joy to come back to the people through her.

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Some indigenous peoples of Latin America perform a dance called the hummingbird dance and use their feathers in rituals to bring rain. In these villages the shamans believe that hummingbirds are the messengers through whom gifts can be sent to the Great Mother who lives under the earth. For other peoples the hummingbird is the tobacco bird. As part of several myths the hummingbird gets smoke from the keeper of the tobacco plant and brings it to the shamans so that they can purify the land.

In other regions a ritual was practiced for babies that were born dead or died in the first days of life. Between prayers and songs hummingbird feathers were attached before the sunrise during the winter solstice in a ceremony that asked the gods for the baby to be born soon.

In some towns in Central America there is a legend about a demon who spilled lava on the earth of men in revenge for a bet he had lost with the sun god. Everything is on fire and humanity is about to disappear when a hummingbird collects clouds through the rainbow and uses the rain to extinguish the flames and save men. This legend says that bright colors in the throat of a hummingbird were acquired after it flew through the rainbow in search of clouds with rain.

The Aztecs held the hummingbird in a very high esteem, decorating with their feathers and paintings their ceremonial mantles, earrings, rods and other utensils or of great importance to them. They used these ornaments to free the peoples that had been cursed by the sorcerers.

In Aztec mythology there is talk of a brave warrior god named Huitzil, who according to legend led the people to their new land. It is said that the men followed Huitzilopotchi until he told them where to found the new capital of the empire: Tenochtitlan in the Valley of Anahuac in the middle of Lake Texcoco, a city full of canals. The full name of this famous hero Huitzilopochtli, which means “hummingbird of the left.” The “left” represents the deep south, where for the Aztec people was the location of the spirit world. According to the legend, Huitzilopochtli was born from Coatlicue, Mother Earth, who became pregnant with a ball of feathers or bluish cotton that fell from the sky while sweeping the temples of the mountain range of Tollan. According to the paintings and stories recorded (mainly in the Florentine Codex) that speak of the great Aztec civilization, Huitzil carried a gigantic case in the form of a bird, which some describe as a hummingbird.

Another Aztec legend says that the god of music and poetry took the form of a hummingbird and descended into the underworld to make love with a goddess and that from this union the first flower had its origin.

Another widespread belief about the hummingbird relates that they are messengers between worlds so they can help shamans communicate with the spirit.

Another widespread belief about the hummingbird relates that they are messengers between worlds so they can help the shamans communicate with the spirits of nature to maintain the balance between the worlds. The Cochti have a story about ancient peoples who had lost faith in the Great Mother. In their anger, it deprived them of the rain during four years period in which people realized that the only creature that thrived was the hummingbird. When they studied their habits for answers, the shamans discovered that the hummingbird had a secret passage through which he periodically collected honey and water. They interpreted that this door was open only to the hummingbird because he was the only one who had never lost faith in the Great Mother. This information inspired the people to recover the faith, after the Great Mother took charge of them again.

As you will see in this post we have made a small compilation of some myths and legends about hummingbirds. We hope that in these paragraphs you have found some inspiration to decide which hummingbird tattoos you will wear. As you see this little bird has been important for many cultures and civilizations that have marked with their existence much of our history as a species.

We hope that hummingbird tattoos of a general nature and the history of this unique animal have captivated you as it has done with us. We are very pleased that you are reading these lines where we have tried to leave you a little of the mystery and the realities that hover between the buzz of the hummingbird and its bright colors.


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