Industrial decor in the living room, kitchen and dining room

Industrial decor. In our article today we have for you some industrial decor ideas for the kitchen the living room and the dining room. Bare walls, high ceilings, pipes and cables on display: Industrial decor style is everywhere and not so fashionable.

Industrial decor style

If you want to have at home or in your apartment some industrial-style decorations you should check out our photos today. It is not difficult to design a space to the Industrial decor style but as with all the designs with this also we must be careful.

Sometimes, trying to copy at home a trend observed elsewhere, it is likely to make mistakes and exaggerate. The difficulty and skill in adjusting and restructuring your place is in knowing when a particular style of furniture is suitable for us (and our home), and how to customize it according to the other design elements we have at home.

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Here you will find some ideas and some good examples of interiors made by international professionals, with industrial-style decorations that have been so popular in recent years. Industrial decor style can be found everywhere, was born in the eighties, in the United States, as a response to a need to convert industrial spaces into residential spaces. Hence the double heights they like.

Or large windows with metal frames, often dark, clearly derive from the industry, and perhaps glass blocks. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in an environment like these that we show you, spacious and empty, choosing an industrial style would be almost natural. In these interiors, however, it is not an exaggeration to add many other industrial decor elements.

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The risk of the “pure” industrial decor style is, that can be a bit cold if exceeded. If you have an apartment or house with wooden beams, large windows and metal frames, your house already speaks an “industrial” language. The choice of a wooden table in natural, old sofas are perfect in such an environment, but here the interior is made with contemporary furniture such as the combination of the wooden table with wheels and the purple sofa.

Or a carpet with a colorful vintage or ethnic print, which is much more interesting and cozy. If your house is not industrial style and you are in an opposite situation: low height, total white finish, in an attic that has nothing industrial. It is quite interesting to see how with the use of leather furniture a large sofa and some recycled second hand chairs in the living room and a kitchen with American bar made by wooden beams can bring an industrial air even in a completely neutral empty space. Now we leave you with our images of industrial decor for you to inspire and possibly fall in love with this style.

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