Industrial kitchen design, 75 ideas you can not ignore

The industrial kitchen design was born from the kitchens of the restaurants. Today is a trend that covers the entire interior of many homes. A modern industrial kitchen design is a different piece in any environment.

Today we have formed a collection with seventy-five ideas of kitchens with industrial kitchen design style. With them we can get a clearer idea of ??the image and the details that we must pursue. Although as always we must keep in mind the use of some elements for industrial design to take shape.

You could say that there are several components and materials that are standard in this type of style. The first as can be seen the steel, with a really remarkable role. Mainly on surfaces like countertops and furniture. There are many industrial kitchen design that use black instead. This can also be an excellent alternative with very encouraging results. Shelves are also defined by one feature: they are open. Both at the top and at the bottom leaving everything within reach.

If some must be used with doors the best thing is that they are made of glass so that there is some visual continuity. A distinctive sign of industrial style in kitchens is the cast iron details. Often visible especially on hangers that are used to hang different accessories for the kitchen. They are also useful for hanging strings of garlic or peppers. In addition to its functionality the appearance of cast iron helps to accentuate and give character to the industrial kitchen design. Similar to them are stainless steel rods for utensils.

They are usually accompanied by S-shaped hooks, in them we can locate the utensils and have an easy access to them. The industrial kitchen design would be incomplete without good lighting. We are not referring only to good lighting that facilitates the work. The design and style of the light source is also important. In many cases, radio light bulbs are used, which accompany industrial cutting lamps. Lamps with an industrial aesthetic have always been avant-garde. In addition to fulfilling its original function.

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They are a trend with great strength and it is common to find them also in spaces like restaurants. If our kitchen is open we can place them equally on the dining table. In addition to the industrial kitchen design that we are dealing with, these lamps combine perfectly with other trends. From the rustic to the modern, evidently passing by the vintage. In the case of kitchens we must be careful in selecting them. With special emphasis on features such as color and size.

Mainly so that the contrast is as harmonious as possible. Its placement can be either set or alone, it will depend on the dimensions of the kitchen. Another detail that should characterize our industrial kitchen design are the exposed structures. The option that has traditionally been most popular are bricks. In other cases besides the bricks there are ducts and other constructive elements in sight. Both like the beams are excellent samples that contrast perfectly with materials such as steel and concrete. Especially in the latter case can be applied to the ground.

Also to small walls that can act as separators to define the areas. Although the kitchen is not industrial as a whole may have details that suggest. Windows can be designed with frames pointing to those known as attic windows. Also common and almost symbolic of industrial spaces. The overall importance of windows is linked to lighting. Mainly because natural light will be perfect for the industrial impact that we pursue. Natural light can act as a detail that enhances space.

Avoid any element that may limit your entry into the kitchen to be the case. Fundamentally the curtains and other accessories that can hinder. Among the materials we have mentioned is also interesting the use that can be made of wood. Solid wood set with cast iron can be present in the furniture. A worktop with solid solid wood is also an excellent contrast point. Also in exposed structures like the beams is also a magnificent detail.

This has to do directly with the roofs and their height. Ideally, they should be double height ceilings. Inspired by the stays of the old industrial buildings. Here, too, the electrical installations would be exposed. Exposed can also be a whole wall or faucet. It is a perfect component that adds the classic industrial touch and contrast in the effect of the metal on the walls. In addition to metals the use of other traditionally urban materials will be key in the industrial style. Others that we could add besides those already mentioned could be aluminum or glass.

We can always combine them with great care always maintaining the harmony. Finally the industrial design of the kitchens has been gaining followers with the passage of time. It can be an excellent resource to give a more modern touch to our home. Its peculiar appeal may be ideal for urban spaces. Remember some of the keys we shared today for kitchens. In the images you will find different details and spaces that can serve as reference. For deep changes or simple details that point to this style can help you.

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