Infinity tattoo, eternal life or endless cycles

While this type of Infinity tattoo has a perfect fit in the collection of friendship tattoos as well as in the compilation of sibling tattoos that a server published not long ago. The Infinity tattoo has a much deeper meaning than we can comment on a specific article. In addition, all this accompanied with a selection of these tattoos that, realized in the indicated place, can be very sensual in the body of a woman.

Infinity tattoo ideas

The idea of ??infinity is often related, from antiquity to eternal life and cycles that never reach the end. Today and modern history, although we live outside of many things, the idea of ??immortal life is still present within each one of us and is a topic that has led more than one person in the world of science and health. By the way, it is possible to emphasize that although we refer to this symbol as “infinite”, its correct name is lemniscata.

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The reasons why people usually tattoo a symbol of infinity is to seal a friendship, love or to remember “forever” a fact of our lives that we would have liked, that would not have ended.

As a final detail, if you look at the next gallery of images of the Infinity tattoo, you will see that the vast majority of them are located in three areas of the body: neck, wrist and fingers. As for the style, we have them from very elaborate to simple and with a minimalist air that, personally, I follow with much attention.

Pictures of Infinity Tattoo