Innovative kitchens – practical ideas

In this article we are going to pay attention to several ideas for innovative kitchens, designed for smaller spaces, we will talk about the types of furniture that could be useful and how to store our utensils and we will see several original ideas about the fact cooking.

Firstly, if we do not have much space in our furniture and drawers, but at the same time we have many containers, in which we put salt, sugar and other things, and also several vases, one of the things we can do is place them in a Sort of metal baskets and hook them to the wall.
Something similar can be done with the cups. If when we open the two parts of the furniture and all we see inside are plates and no space for our cups, we can nail under the furniture a few hooks and place the cups, hooking them from the handle.

On the other hand, with the classic glass containers that we fill with all kinds of ingredients, we can also place them under some piece of furniture, hooking them by the lid and remaining suspended in the air. This will give new air to our innovative kitchens.

The latest in modern kitchens are the furniture in which there is room for our utensils. In this way the modern kitchens turn into functional kitchens. An example of this furniture is this one that has a special compartment for knives.

When furnishing the small kitchens we could choose furniture, divided into sections and in whose sections we could place our products. They can be drawers that do not open to the classic style, pulling forward, as in the photo.

In innovative kitchens, originality can also be found in other types of furniture. Have you ever stopped to think how much space you would have, if there were drawers in the spaces occupied only by wood? Well here you have a perfect drawer for our bottles.

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Modern kitchens, full of drawers, where we can put our things. Actually, the style of these furniture is very appropriate for smaller kitchens and for people it does not have much room for the things they use when they cook.

For those who have more things still, there are other furniture with a huge drawer that starts from below and reaches the top of the furniture. When we open the drawer door, inside we find many shelves and when it is closed, it does not look like there is something like that.

The design of the small kitchens can also be seen in the shape of the drawers. When we place two L-shaped furniture, there is an empty space in the corner that we could use. For that, there are furniture, specially designed for these cases, like the one in the photo.

For small and modern kitchens we have another alternative to the previous proposal. There are furniture, made for the corners, whose doors are actually only one and opens by making a curve in its middle.

On the other hand, the drawers inside can be drawn out by pulling but not in the traditional way, but by making a curvature when pulling them. The shape of the drawers could also be different to create innovative kitchens.

On the other hand, if we are oriented more towards the practical, not so much towards the original thing, we can choose a furniture with traditional drawers. In these cases it would be good for the drawers to have more depth in order to store more things.

Another variant to the previous proposal are the furniture full of shelves and drawers. In this type of furniture there is space for all kinds of products, as in the photo.

For our original kitchen we can choose a cupboard, designed for the corners. In these cabinets there are many shelves and also in the doors there are also compartments in which we can place our products.

Now, the original ideas for kitchens are not exhausted until here. When we set to cook, we can also take into account several ideas that can serve us. For example, this type of grater that you place on top of the container and you save having to be holding them.

In innovative kitchens cooking becomes an innovative task as well. In ice cube-shaped containers we can put our herbs and pour olive oil on top. At the end of this package we put it in the refrigerator and in the end we will have this result.

Herb cubes with olive oil that we can use for cooking. The herbs will have been impregnated with the aroma and texture of the olive oil and this will give more flavor to our food.

We can do something similar but instead of using olive oil, we could pour water. Thus, we will have some ice cubes with herbs.

If we are going to make a dessert or if we like to make coffee with ice and chocolate, we can put in the container for ice liquid chocolate and fill the little squares. Then we put it in the refrigerator and wait for it to freeze.

A very interesting way to make fried eggs is by using the ways to make sponge cakes. We put the eggs inside and let them fry. At the end we have some fried eggs in a round shape.

The same can be done with our sponge cakes, or by pouring them over candies or colored caramelized rice.

And lastly, you can put your favorite fruits in the refrigerator for them to freeze. When you glaze them frozen, you will see that they have a whitish surface by the ice. You can use them for the decoration of your desserts.

As you can see in this photo, it is unlimited, either for decoration or to eat with a juice or a fruit drink.

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