Japanese drawings for tattoos design

Japanese art has become one of the most popular styles in the universe of tattoos. Lovers of body art usually adore Japanese designs, as they are the most colorful, ideal to capture on the skin. And best of all, there is a wide variety of Japanese drawings for tattoos, from which to choose a design.

Japanese drawings for tattoos ideas

One of the best things about Japanese tattoo drawings is that their striking color palette and powerful figures are never boring. You will rarely find someone tired of his Japanese motive. In addition, the images are usually so powerful that in most cases they manage to impact and generate something in all the “spectators” of the tattoo.

The Japanese drawings for more classic tattoos are already known by all Koi fish, dragons and geisha. All these are indisputably elegant, for their captivating shapes and colors. In them the pale colors combine almost imperceptibly with the most strident tones in an almost perfect way.

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Taking into account the importance of tonalities in Japanese tattoo designs, you will imagine that one of the conditions for the final result of your tattoo to be a success is the ability of the tattoo artist to manage the color palette. In fact, you will see that not only in the classic motifs mentioned above, colors are the key detail of Japanese designs.

Of course you can paint on your skin a Japanese drawings for tattoos without using colors, but believe me that way would lose much of its charm. One of the reasons why it is so is that these types of designs are usually quite complex; They are loaded with small details that do not look very good when only black ink is used, for example.

It is very common for Japanese drawings for tattoos to be tattooed on large areas of the body, such as the back. I do not know what you think, but I think that large tattoos are more colorful when they wear colors. Of course, that is a matter of taste and the final decision has each one.

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Among the Japanese drawings for tattoo that we present to you, there are certainly some that will have particularly attracted your attention, right? Do not forget to tell us what it is, why you liked it, and how you would design it for you.