Japanese letter tattoos – Tattoos of Japanese letters

Even if you do not have Japanese origin, you may like Japanese letter tattoos thanks to the beauty of their lyrics. But it is necessary that if you want to get a tattoo of Japanese letters, first know well what it means so that later, do not regret your tattoo to discover that perhaps the meaning does not correspond with what you think it really is.

Japanese letter tattoos meaning

Many famous people have tattoos with Japanese letters like Britney Spears or Mel C, for example. Maybe you’ve seen the tattoo of one of your friends and that’s why you think they really look good, or you’ve seen it in a magazine or somewhere else. But we can not deny that a tattoo of Japanese letters can look very nice in a male and female body.

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In addition, a tattoo of Japanese letters can be made anywhere on your body and the size you prefer. It will depend on what you want to tattoo so that you choose the body area that best suits you and your interests.

The symbols of Japanese letter tattoos are very popular especially in the United States and also in Europe. It is easy to understand why. The kanji is simple, elegant and compact. A tattoo with kanji symbols is a perfect way to make an artistic statement that is both modern and meaningful at the same time.

The Japanese writing system has 3 types of scripts. But tattoos of Kanji writing (there are about 50,000 kanji characters used for nouns) is the one most frequently used, followed by Katakana (used to write loan words or foreign names) and then by Hiragana ( Is used for adjectives and grammar).

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