Japanese tattoo design and their meaning

In this opportunity I have decided to review the most popular and attractive Japanese tattoo design that have been seen in recent times. But before I start I want to say that these tattoos are one of my favorites. This is because in the first place they tend to be colorful, and I personally adore designs with a lot of color.

Japanese tattoo design most chosen

Secondly, and I think this is the reason why Japanese tattoo design are the most chosen, they look great in both men and women. And also these designs attract the eyes and achieve a captivating effect, something that does not happen with any tattoo.

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I’ll start by listing the largest and strongest Japanese tattoo design: scenes of samurai fights, demons and, of course, dragons. Of the latter there are many designs, all with different meanings and more than interesting. It is usually men who opt for these ideas.

On the other hand, there are more versatile designs in terms of size: the cherry blossom, which is a symbol of feminine beauty and sexuality; Popular symbols, such as Japanese letters, turtles, kimonos, geishas and, my favorite: the Koi fish. With the latter happens the same as with the dragons: there are many designs available, among which is surely the right one for you.

You can see these and other Japanese tattoo designs in the photo gallery, below.

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