Japanese tattoo designs meaning

The old, deep, mystical and traditional conjugate in the Japanese aesthetic. The cult of a series of symbols present in their culture perpetuated as a form of respect and honor, have managed to transcend with all its magic to all corners of the world. Japanese tattoo designs win more and more followers.

In Japan, tattoos have a tradition. While it is true that they carry a stigma in this society, because at first they were worn only by members of the mafia or yakuzas, little by little the wealth of their designs and techniques have migrated to the West, bringing with them all the historical and aesthetic burden that they are reflected in their traditional motifs.

Japanese tattoo designs ideas

Koi fish, sea waves, cherry blossoms, dragons, kabuki theater masks and endless motifs are the protagonists in Japanese tattoo designs. The traditional pictorial work is reflected in a style that uses a fairly characteristic palette of colors, a distribution of design and quite particular dimensions that have won the taste of many people around the world.

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While it is true that this time we review traditional style tattoos, we must remember that their influence is not only limited to the old, but trends such as designs of kawaii tattoos, kokeshi dolls and hundreds more are manifested in the art world bodily.

In previous occasions we have reviewed ancient techniques, yakuza-style tattoos, tributes to Mount Fuji and even kanji tattoos or Japanese letters. The options are endless and for all tastes. With such versatility and exquisite design it is impossible not to get infected with Japanese fever. So if you contemplate the option of Japanese tattoo designs, we invite you to browse our multiple galleries. Sure you get the Japanese tattoo design you’re looking for.