Jewelry Tattoos: True-fake tattoos

The particular case of necklace tattoo and tattoo bracelet. The tattoo jewelry you know? They are jewels that act as a fake tattoo: generally black, one finds in soft material, which perfectly marries the skin. The decals of our childhood have given way to real ephemeral skin jewelry. These two great types of jewelry tattoos are highly prized, Chanel even came out a jewel tattoo patch to wear in bracelet or garter!.

Jewelry Tattoos in Necklace or Bracelet

The real jewelry tattoos is declined in necklace or bracelet (that is worn on the wrist or the ankle). Generally in silicone, they can have very varied renderings: arabesques, lace … What to raise a décolleté of a nice fancy collar! Tattoo bracelets can be worn in different ways: around the wrist of course, but also around the ankle. As the silicone is supple and slightly extensible, we can go up his fantasy jewel on the calf or the biceps!.

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The new generation decals are very varied. Some really reproduce tattoos of small or medium size, in different styles (lettering, old school …), others more feminine, include lace. Some are spangled, others are adorned with rhinestones. We will wear the latter on the occasion of an evening, so that they shine! You will understand, whether it is jewelry fantasy or not, they are evening ornaments, which will attract the glance on the part of the body that will accomodate the tattoo: the throat for the necklaces, the arm, the hip , The ankle … we will choose the part of his body that we prefer!

The very realistic fake tattoos can be worn on any occasion. They will be placed in more conventional places, to make illusion: shoulder blade, shoulder, belly, kidney … Attention, these ornaments are not waterproof (water resistant), we must avoid contact with water at all costs!

In short, the costume jewelry tattoos and fake tattoos have the wind in their sails: Well used, they will force fly!


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