Josh Peck tattoo – got his first tattoo in honor of his son and the photo is touching

Our beloved Josh Peck from the Drake and Josh series just did something on his body that will change him forever: a tattoo. Josh Peck tattoo on his skin tells part of his story and for this event he chose the best companion, his son.

“Max’s suggestion for Josh Peck tattoo was something from Paw Patrol, but I was a bit more basic.”

Josh Peck tattoo desain

The actor, in his publication, refers to a children’s program, Paw Patrol. A cartoon series created by Keith Chapman, which focuses on a boy named Ryder and who is the leader of a search and rescue dog crew.

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It is doubtful that Josh Peck tattoo had any image from the series tattooed, but it is very possible that the image has to do with his baby, perhaps the date of his birth.

“Very proud of Max for hugging low calorie snacks.”