Kanji Tattoo – Japanese writing on our skin

We have talked about tattoos of geishas, ??designs of koi fish and other designs of Japanese origin, but today we are going to give information of the so-called kanjis, these form one of the three main elements of the system of writing of Japanese origin. The other two parts are the syllabic scripts hiragana and katakana. The definition of Kanji is Chinese characters and came to Japan from China in the 5th century.

Kanji Tattoo Symbol

Kanji Tattoo have more than one pronunciation, most of them maintain their original Chinese sound, but others have adapted to Japanese. Kanji are used in combination with hiragana, to achieve the creation of verbs and adjectives in different conjunctive times. These symbols are their language and the truth is that I personally love them, they transmit a lot with very little and that is complicated to achieve in our language.

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Tradition says that every stroke of the kanji must be made in one pass, without stopping, without retouching, a stroke from top to bottom. A complicated task, which becomes more difficult if we consider that the number of strokes and the order of them help to identify the meaning of the kanji.

Before you decide to wear a Kanji Tattoo, study the meaning of it well, because if you do not you can tattoo something that has nothing to do with what you want. We hope you like this option, wear a Kanji Tattoo, it only knows the meaning of the one who wears it and who knows how to read it.


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