Kim K Wedding Ring Replacement in Smaller Size

The name of Kim Kardashian is surely a popular name that is associated with luxury and glamour as in Kim K wedding ring. There was the one ring with a really huge size of diamond of her. Unfortunately she was robbed in Paris at gunpoint in which the ring was stolen. Soon afterwards she has another ring with a smaller size after the robbery.

Kim K Wedding Ring – Beautiful one

Kim Kardashian wedding ring in the so-called replacement is definitely smaller than the previous one. Yet it remains a beautiful one with diamonds on it. Surely the price of the replacement ring is not as high as the previous one in the level of GBP 3, 5 billion which is so expensive and even too big for her finger.

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Related to the replacement ring, it can be considered to be easier and cheaper to copy. It is common that people tried to copy the wedding rings of popular celebrities. The replacement ring of Kim Kardashian is a thin one with rather simple looking ornaments of diamonds. The appeal of the ring is beautiful although it looks pretty small, thin, and even discreet. The huge size of the previous version of Kim K wedding ring is too much.


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