Kitchen colors with variations of different tones

Kitchen colors. The kitchen colors and their design have always fascinated us more than one. The effect of colors on our state of mind is undoubtedly true. They are able to create and reinforce some emotions so their successful choice is a must. As always will depend on the site that we are going to decorate. Today we are interested precisely in the kitchen. A space that has been gaining prominence over the years.

Kitchen colors ideas

Coloured minimal London kitchen

The kitchen colors for her also speak of the changes she has undergone in the way she is seen. For many the kitchen must have colors that stimulate creativity. In these cases there are kitchen colors like purple, blue or green. They are some of the colors that also convey cleanness and efficiency. If our kitchen as you usually incur today is the meeting point you can have warm kitchen colors. With some shades of yellow, orange or red the atmosphere will become warmer.
If you enjoy breakfast or snacks as a family, they will be ideal. These kitchen colors fill the atmosphere with joy and life. As always we recommend in other areas it is best to combine the colors. In this way we will obtain more successful results with a harmonious combination. Both of the variants we have mentioned can be contrasted creating excellent and interesting results.

It is recommended that three kitchen colors be selected. We will designate one as the main one, that is to say the one of greater importance. It will always be the base of our kitchen and to which we will give greater use. A second color may be determined as the secondary to complement the one we selected earlier. A third color will be responsible for providing a striking note in this room. The latter case can be used in smaller decorative complements.

They are extremely useful for adding various kitchen colors strokes. In contrast the two kitchen colors of greater protagonism will be destined to other elements of the kitchen. Especially in the sections that have greater visibility and relevance. Such is the case of storage furniture, shelves, countertops and so on. An important detail is that the kitchen colors that we select for these spaces must be of the same type, with variations in the tones for example.

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Selecting the last destined to the small details of a range opposite to the previous one. Take advantage of it for the decoration of the walls, they are very effective. Especially for paintings, watches for the kitchen or textiles. In a curtain or cushions located in some furniture are excellent and will fulfill their purpose. This way of adding colors has multiple advantages. One of them is that it gives a new air to the kitchen in a simple way. It will suffice to replace the most eye-catching accessories or details.

By placing others in a different color the change will be evident and will not go unnoticed. We can not overlook other details that influence color. The illumination in these cases is fundamental and will somehow alter the perception of space. As often happens in other areas of the house of small dimensions should avoid dark colors. Use the light tones that fill your kitchen with brightness and freshness.

Some of the solutions we can find in pastel shades, especially pinks, ochres and lavenders. They can also have a white base that will make them very effective. In addition to the clarity the feeling of amplitude will be superior so that you will feel more at ease in your kitchen. Enjoy these samples that we propose with combinations of colors and darker shades. Admirable kitchen colors full of style and different in their design.

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