Kitchen curtain – ideas of fabrics and original colors

Today we have for you all a few pictures of kitchens to inspire you to choose the best kitchen curtain for your space. The kitchen curtain tends to perform different functions.

You can use it if you need to decorate the room. Another thing for which we use the curtains is to protect us from the light, but also let it pass to illuminate the kitchen and the areas where food is prepared.

This is one of the reasons why kitchen curtains should be made of a rather light cloth and preferably a light color. To choose the curtains you should be inspired by the colors of the walls and kitchen furniture.

For example, if you paint a kitchen wall in gray, a white curtain with a gray detail like stripes or borders or prints in that color will be very original.

If you have a beautiful wallpaper with blue prints, you can put curtains or blinds on the windows with blue details.

Usually curtains should match the fabric of a sofa or cushions but as in the kitchen there is no sofa so you can combine the fabric of your curtains with the fabric of the upholstery of your dining chairs or kitchen stools.

The curtains for the kitchen with modern design are very simple. For a modern kitchen you can use some fabric curtains that allows light and which can be installed on top of the windows. If you do not like transparent curtains you can opt for some white and very bright.

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The blinds and curtains can also be dark colored. The blinds are also a good option as you simply have to lower or raise them with a gesture, but there are roller shutters, very comfortable if you have many large windows.

The blinds are more common and more used in the kitchen. They are also very practical, especially windows that are behind the sink or over the work area. To raise and lower them simply pull a rope and go up or down.

The blinds can be quite lightweight fabric that allows the sun’s rays to enter the room or heavier fabric.

The kitchen curtains can also be very retro and look a lot like the ones your grandmother had in the kitchen but you will surely fall in love with beautiful curtains with lace appliqués.

The curtains with lace to the contrary of what is thought are perfect for a kitchen with classic style and but also for a kitchen of modern style. Imagine a beautiful modern kitchen with large windows and very elegant lace curtains.

The curtains for the kitchen can be of all colors all depends on your taste and style. Although we often choose white curtains for the kitchen, no one forbids us to put curtains of some pleasant or daring color.

Now we leave you with these kitchen pictures so that they are inspired to choose the best kitchen curtain as we said not always need to follow rules sometimes you have to go for what we like.

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