Kitchen Designs – the most current styles

In today’s article we are going to talk about kitchen designs of different styles and we will compare each one when contemplating the selection of fifty photographs that we have prepared them. We hope you enjoy the tour and that the examples can inspire you when designing your own kitchen.

Home kitchen design

We will begin by seeing an example of modern cuisine influenced by the Scandinavian decor style. This is especially noticeable in the laminated wood kitchen module of light color. In this type of designs we always try to intensify natural light using a range of neutral and light tones.
Also in this kitchen model you can see a certain Nordic touch, although in this case is accompanied by some colorful elements that provide a note of bohemian style and at the same time rustic. With this we are referring above all to the wooden beams that protrude and to the carpet with classic motifs.

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The following kitchen design is a creation of the firm Mint Kitchen Group. Here is a rather more contemporary style in which the materials are rather more massive and rude. The first thing that stands out is the fabulous kitchen island made of marble and dark laminated wood, then we realize that these materials appear in the rest of the minimalist style furniture.

And from elegant minimalism we move to the urban industrial style. Above we can see a functional and compact kitchen in which the architectural structures seem to be in sight, but really are designed so on purpose. Something that draws attention in this model is the absence of artificial colors as each element presents its original appearance.

Another style that is opening doors in kitchen designs is the retro with vintage elements. In this case we will see pastel, celestial and aquamarine colors. Also metal furniture with rounded shapes and visible handles, as opposed to minimalist fashion as we have already seen.

These are some of the most current and requested interior design styles, although combinations and improvised designs are always allowed to mix the elements to create new trends. Finally and as a personal suggestion we will add that the kitchen designs depend a lot on the style of decoration chosen for the whole home, and even more so if the kitchen shares the same space with the dining room or the living room, so that to begin to design we must Have an overall view of the whole place.

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