Kitchens with bar for our home

Lately they have become very fashionable kitchen bar for floors and houses that are smaller, although we can put a kitchen well even if we have more space, as they make the interior of our home more spacious and elegant.

In this article we are going to talk about these kind of kitchens with American bar, about their disposition in the home, about the colors that we can use and their decoration.
The first thing is that our kitchen can be the color that we like the most, we can combine different colors and materials. In small kitchen bar the chairs can not be missing and, generally, they are usually tall and rotating.

The modern kitchen bar give a lot of style to the interior and we can also combine, as in this photo, the orange color with other light colors, such as white and beige. Under the worktop there may be an empty space to place the feet.

In the more spacious kitchens the bar can be placed in the center of the room and have the sink installed there or you can have a space with shelves in which to place our jars adorn it with pots with plants.

On the other hand, the bar does not have to be straight or circular like a round table. It may have a slightly rounded shape. In addition, instead of chairs we can put stools that if we get caught we can put under the counter.

The kitchen bars can also be found on both sides of the kitchen cabinet. Thus, one of the bars may be in contact with the wall and the other not, but may also not have the two side walls.

kitchen bar can also combine wood with green color. In many other articles we have mentioned this combination as a very elegant and sophisticated decorative element.

And if you want to soak class and elegance we offer this kitchen where the combination focuses on the white and the color of the wood, adding the shades of green in some details such as plants and vases.

On the other hand, in the decoration of the wooden bars for kitchen we can also take advantage of the shapes and figures that form the wood inside. Or put decorative panels with shapes of this type.

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There is one very curious thing is that kitchen bars do not always have to consist of an extension of the worktop or be in the center of the kitchen. They can also be on the side, if we have an ark that separates the kitchen from the living room, creating a very original space.

In contrast, the blue heat combines very well with the silver color of the metal, for those who have a kitchen in which this material predominates. In addition, we can add an ornament consisting of the element of stone or brick.

In the kitchen bar we can combine the blue color with the color white and with wood. But if you look, the clearer the color of the wood, the better it is in the interior. Thus, we find a very sophisticated and cheerful kitchen.

If we want modernity, style and elegance, all in one, we advise that you use the wood for the floor in combination with the black color or the color of solid wood and the silver color of the appliances.

Inside our bar stools the walls and floor can also be part of the decorative elements. We just have to choose a wallpaper for the wall that matches the color of the floor and the rest of the kitchen.

U-stove with bar we can use them for color a piece of furniture in this way, on top of which place the cupboards for the dishes. Thus, we will have a long space on the wall and the counter under the cupboards where we can place the other things.

Sophistication also comes to life in kitchen bar that are made of wood and black. In this case the lightest and orange color of the wood contrasts with the dark color. And if we put elegant high chairs, we will fill the interior with elegance.

Instead, wood which is a darker and off color blends nicely with the white color, because the light color seems to revive the darker color.

The same thing you can see in this photo: the combination of white with the darkest wood. You can add some vases of those colors and hanging lamps of the ceiling that will fill the space with more class and elegance.

As we have said, the bars for small kitchens may have a different shape than the traditional one. They may even have a higher surface where to take our coffee with ease.

In the bar stools we can combine the gray tones with the creamy tones in the furniture and cabinets. In addition, we can opt for funnel shaped chairs to increase the style of the interior.

Having a completely white kitchen takes many hours of cleaning, but as you can see, despite that, it is a very pleasant space to be in.

As an ornament to the kitchen bar we can add on the wall a wallpaper that has figures or wavy lines on its top. In this way, the design will be above the cabinets and give more originality and style.

And finally, in kitchens where white and wood are combined, we can add more details of wood, such as chairs, which in this case are white, or a basket of brown, placed on a white surface.

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