Kitchens with island – more than elegant and practical spaces

Kitchens with island. Today we have for you all ideas of kitchens with island very original to inspire you to add this element to the design of your kitchen. A few years ago kitchens with islands seemed an exotic option for Europeans. If we could enjoy the design projects we were full of options, modifications, colors and textures for the kitchen island.

Kitchens with island ideas

Unfortunately, most kitchen spaces in apartment buildings with a standard flat can not boast enough space to accommodate the minimum set of kitchen storage systems and appliances and how to think of a practical, functional and visually appealing module , Like an island.

But over the years the situation has changed, more and more apartments have an improved design and more if you talk about studio apartments, not to mention the particular addresses of urban and suburban types.

More and more owners, ordering the manufacture of kitchen furniture, consider the option of installing an island with the intention of having more storage space, work surfaces and space for the integration of household appliances and sinks.

In our photos today we can see different options of kitchens with island with different designs colors and textures. More and more people looking for a new home add the island kitchen as a feature of their search.

This is not surprising since the kitchen island comes with many advantages as long as you have a kitchen with open plan layout or more dining kitchen. When it comes to small spaces, compact kitchen is a better choice.

Kitchen islands are a modern solution for modern kitchen, especially when you want the stove is accessible from all sides of the room. It is also an idea that allows two or even three people to cook together at the same time.

 On the other hand, the kitchen island countertop can function as a surface to serve meals or drinks. So we must choose well, because in addition to serving as a kitchen table the countertop must be functional and have an aesthetic effect that can change the whole aspect of your kitchen and improve it.

Kitchen island is a separate furniture module that can be integrated as a storage system and one in which we can incorporate household appliances. The upper part of the island, as a rule, can be used as a table, which can be used as a cutting board or even a dining table.

In addition, the top can be a gas or ceramic hobs system integration cooker. These appliances can be integrated in the base of the kitchen island, in addition to storage place for dishes and kitchen accessories, we can integrate in our island microwave, oven, dishwasher and wine cooler.

Depending on the size of the kitchen island, which depends on the size of the room and the needs of the family, will also depend on the base surfaces and operating module.

In L-shaped kitchens or with angular design of kitchen furniture having an island is a good choice is more often go placed near the stove. This is due to the fact that in this arrangement, the dishes and appliances stored in it will be at hand and also the work surfaces will be perfect for medium-sized rooms.

Ergonomics experts recommend installing the island as a separate module of furniture in the kitchen space if it is wide enough. When extending the kitchen island countertop the best we can do is leave a space for your feet, since with an island you can get a very convenient place for a brief meal or a breakfast.

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For houses or apartments where there are no small children or old people said place with bar stools can serve as dining area, which removes the need to serve meals in the dining room and even more if it is a separate room. If all members of the family do not care you can serve the food while they wait for them sitting on the bar stools.

 If you are going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and think about serving breakfast or lunch every day then it may be best to think about the installation of high chairs or bar stools with back and upholstery.

When your kitchen has a single line design the kitchen is even more free space to install not only the island but also a dining table and chairs inside the kitchen. In a kitchen with island we also have to use the ruler of the triangle with an arrangement of work surfaces, storage systems and appliances at close range.

Like for example, the sink in the distance, an integrated stove in the island of the kitchen and a refrigerator integrated in the set against a wall. A design that meets the standards of safety and ergonomics.

Everything should be at a short distance because during the day we travel miles enough to have to do it when we are at home. The cooking facilities, the cooking and cleaning place, together on the island provide a high level of comfort and convenience.

The space of the modern kitchen plays an important role throughout the house. The fact that often from the kitchen has direct communication with the dining space, living room or the two areas at once makes your design even more important.

Quite often there are apartments with open plan design and homes in which the three vital segments in a house are located in a spacious room. In this case, it requires a powerful and modern hood, the installation of which will save the living room, ls kitchen odors.

If the glass ceramic is integrated in the island of the kitchen, the bell must be installed on the island and adhere to the roof structure. Before making the decision to place the glass ceramic on the island, it is necessary to clarify the possibility of installing a bell in the middle of the room.

Even a small kitchen island can become an indispensable part for functional kitchen. Surprisingly, on a small island you can also integrate a ceramic hob, sink and storage space.

In private urban or country houses the process of installing an island does not cause any problems, except for the financial and time costs. But when it comes to a block of flats a kitchen island in the middle with hood may be impossible because the hood can interfere with water or gas pipes which would make stove installation on the island impossible.

If you want a U-shaped kitchen in which to establish the island’s furniture and appliances, you need to have a fairly spacious room or choose a small central unit. Ergonomics experts recommend placing the island at a distance of at least 120 cm from the set of furniture you have on the wall.

This is necessary not only to facilitate movement in the kitchen area, but also to have enough space for opening the cabinet doors and to pull out the drawers from the storage system.

Obviously, the kitchen island is an integral part of the interior and must act in harmony and balance with the rest of the furniture, finishes and decoration of the room. But as always there is not a rule that works for everyone since for tastes there are colors and for kitchens with island there are a lot of options.

The island can come in the same color palette and style as the rest of the kitchen furniture and can act as the focus and focal center of kitchen space. Typically, a kitchen island is made according to the shape of the room.

 If the room is square shaped and the island should also be gives the same shape. In rectangular kitchens we can often incorporate identical-shaped furniture in the center. But there are exceptions, there are a lot of semi-circular island design projects, circular wavy, asymmetrical sides and other original shapes.

 Now we leave you with our ideas of island kitchens and versatile and practical designs that will help you significantly increase the level of home comfort.

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