Know the risks of getting a tattoo in pregnancy

Getting a tattoo in pregnancy is contraindicated, as there are several risk factors that can affect the baby’s development as well as the pregnant woman’s health.

Getting a tattoo in pregnancy – Some of the biggest risks include

  • Delays in the development of the baby: during the execution of a tattoo it is common for blood pressure to decrease and hormonal changes occur, even if the woman is used to pain. In these cases, the sudden change in blood pressure can decrease the amount of blood that goes to the baby, which can delay its development;
  • Transmission of serious illnesses to the baby: although it is an uncommon situation, it is possible to become infected with a serious illness, such as Hepatitis B or HIV, due to the use of poorly sterilized needles. If the mother develops one of these infectious diseases, she can easily transmit it to the baby during pregnancy or delivery;
  • Malformations in the fetus: the presence of fresh ink in the body can cause the release of chemicals into the bloodstream, which can lead to changes in the formation of the fetus;
  • In addition, the skin undergoes some changes due to hormones and weight gain, and this can interfere with the design of the tattoo when the woman returns to her usual weight.

What to do when you getting a tattoo in pregnancy. In cases where the woman got a tattoo, but did not know she was pregnant, it is advisable to notify the obstetrician to carry out the necessary tests for diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, in order to assess whether she is infected and if there is a risk of transmitting the disease to the patient. baby.

Thus, if this risk exists, health professionals can adopt some care during delivery and start treatment in the first hours of the baby’s life, to reduce the risk of infection or the development of these diseases.

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