L shaped kitchen, luxury ideas for practical kitchens

The L shaped kitchen consists of placing the kitchen in two areas in this way. This creates an angle of ninety degrees along the worktops. It is an ideal distribution type for small, mostly square, kitchens.

L shaped kitchen design

In cases of square kitchens when applying this way of design creates a space for a table. There is no distinction if the kitchen is open or closed this form of distribution is valid. The case of the open is special because it achieves a greater amplitude. Especially when compared to variants of kitchens with linear design. We should try to make the longest front corner next to the refrigerator and oven.
Then with a suitable separation the cooking zone. The shorter part of the L shaped kitchen is mainly intended for the sink. The reason is that usually this part does not have windows. Which makes it suitable to fit the extractor hood. With this design a comfortable working triangle is achieved. The L shaped kitchen is superior in terms of functionality to those designed in U.

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For example a plus point is its storage capacity. Another way to take advantage of the short side when there is no window is to place the oven or pantry in addition to the micro. Everything largely depends on the type of kitchen and where the doors or windows are located. In the matter of decoration these kitchens usually look good combining two colors.

The bottom area is intended for dark or vivid colors. At the top you will get a lighter or white tone. Even some stickers like the picture above. Always, no matter the combination, the L shaped kitchen will be aesthetic and functional. Check it out in our gallery of L shaped kitchen today with designs for various styles and spaces.

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