Lebron James tattoos – tattoos of King James

LeBron Raymone James, the superstar basketball player of the Miami Heat NBA team and former glory of the Cleveland Cavaliers is also a big fan of the tattoo, which allows him to spread on his skin the immensity of his talent, sometimes Self-centered way, but also to display more authentic traits of his personality and personal history.

Pictures of Lebron James tattoos, “King James”

King James King is in the media spotlight from high school in Saint Vincent Saint Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, where he was already considered a superstar and big future of the most prestigious American league. Selected at the high school exit in first draft pick in 2003 having barely 18 years in an exceptional promotion (Carmelo Anthony, and his two teammates in Miami Dwyaine Wade and Chris Bosh), with a $ 90 million contract with Nike Before he even joined the National Basketball League.

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The former rookie of the year 2004 was the dominant superstar that the experts had seen in him. If he still runs in 2010 after his first title nba, his record is already eloquent. The chosen one was named MVP of the nba in 2009 (Most Valuable Player, best player of the year), this title seems promised for several seasons to come, thanks to an unusual physique, a Power and speed and an exceptional innate game science allowing him to make his teammates better, the brand of great players.

Lebron James tattoos on the back “Chosen 1” reflects the immense confidence he has in him and his talent. Sports Illustrated (probably the most influential sporting magazine in the United States) had given him the title “elected” on one of his covers when he was still in high school, in relation to his promised legacy of Michael Jordan’s talent, the The greatest basketball player of all time.

In his first season in the NBA, Lebron James tattoos of a lion’s head on his right arm, with the inscription “King James”, his nickname. The symbolism of the lion being intimately linked with royalty and domination, one can easily understand the reasons for this choice of motive. The lion king tattoo with a crown has been covered and improved since its first release.

On the left arm, Lebron James wears two additional tattoos: the inscription “The Beast” and what looks like a bear scratching his skin, and the words “Hold my Own”, a creed that one Also finds in the collection of tattoos of Allen Iverson, another former MVP, and which means its quality of self made man, a very common notion in the NBA where most players come from modest, even very modest.

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LeBron James has two sons with his companion Savannah Brinson, whom he attends since high school: LeBron James Junior, whose face he has tattooed since his first birthday, and Bryce Maximus James, whose name he also bears the name skin. The tattoo of his son’s face on the inside of the arm also bears the mention “Prince James”, again a reference to his royal heritage.

The 330 tattoo on his right forearm refers to the postal code of his hometown Akron

Inside the arm, he carries the handwritten phrase “No one can see through what I am except for the one that made me” on a parchment tattoo (“No one can see through what I am apart The one who designed me “)

His tattooed initials “L” and “J” are visible on the outside of his arms

The tattoo of her mother’s name “Gloria” is now located above the lion’s head. The situation is apparently not trivial and still reflects the tendency of “bron-bron” to define itself as an exceptional being, a sort of Messiah having inherited a divine gift

We also find this theme via his tattoo on the torso “gifted child” (gifted child). He also wears a larger tattoo on the chest, taking the two pectorals. This dragon-lion tattoo, a heraldic animal, resembles a coat of arms.

Lebron James tattoos on the calf “Witness” is a reprise of a campaign of Nike mounted on the occasion of the exit of the shoe of Lebron James. This advertising campaign invited spectators to witness the advent of King James as an exceptional sporting event (“We are all witnesses”). One more way to realize that Lebron James is a pure advertising product, since his early years. It must be admitted that the width of his shoulders, his talent and his ego have so far allowed him to rarely disappoint his fans and sponsors.

Along the coasts, since 2009 he has been wearing a “Family” tattoo that goes down to his hip, partly on the abdominals.