Lion tattoo – a design to roar

Lion tattoo. Recall that a few months ago we saw some impressive tattoos of the zodiacal sign Leo, and we said that the lions are animals that represent strength, power, pride, loyalty and royalty. These animals are very powerful, and are a great example of what a good tattoo can be.

The lion is an animal worshiped by many religions, an impressive symbol. That is why many decide to get a lion tattoo to honor it.

Generally they are large, strong and defined designs, of sharp and strong colors, with dynamic and sinuous hair. They must be big designs so that they roar, that they show a little life.

If you like lions, there are designs for all styles. Here we show some excellent photos of lion tattoo.

Lions appear in different times and civilizations. The Romans and Babylonians believed that the lions are a symbol of power, the Egyptians considered it as the sun, and many Christians represent Jesus himself in the lion.

Historically, the lion has been a participant in many mythologies and legends … and for something it will be. A really impressive animal.

Photo of lion tattoo