Lionel Messi’s tattoos and their meaning

Lionel Messi, his real name Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittin is considered one of the greatest football player of all time, if not THE best player in history. Born in Argentina on June 24, 1987 and nationalized Spanish, he is the star of F.C Barcelona. In recent years, this four-time winner of the golden ball has operated a radical change of look, sporting new haircuts, clothing of the biggest brands and especially tattoos of particular. If you want to know what Lionel Messi’s tattoos mean, keep reading this article.

Lionel Messi’s tattoos symbolism

His most recent tattoo is the one that made the most sensation. It is a Lionel Messi’s tattoos that covers all the forearm, and that is filled with symbolism. Messi’s elbow is covered by a stained glass window of the Sagrada Familia, symbol of Barcelona which represents the home of Messi, his “home” and his place in the world.

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The tattoo also includes other symbols, such as the clock and the mechanism of time, symbolizing the god Cronos and the passing time. The other noteworthy element is the Lotus flower, which for the Japanese is a flower with the ability to grow in the most unexpected places, like the talent of Messi.

Messi’s other remarkable tattoo is located on his left leg. It is the hands of his son and his name, Thiago, surrounded by a heart and wings of angels, so it is clearly a tattoo to express unconditional love for his son. The Lionel Messi’s tattoos also includes a 10, which refers to the player’s post.

Messi’s love for his family does not stop at his son, because he made one of the most beautiful gifts that a mother can hope for from his thread: he has had his face tattooed on the shoulder blade. It must be said that Messi has always received the unconditional support of his mother Celia, and here is a nice way to return it.