Lip tattoo, another extreme area of the body to tattoo on

It is not the first time we speak of “extreme zones” of the body in which to be tattooed. A clear example are the tattoos on the palms of the hands or the tattoos on the fingers. However, there is an area of ??the body in which many people would never tattoo, but with the passage of time, more and more dare to do so. I’m talking about Lip tattoo.

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That’s right, many people choose to get a little tattoo on the inside of the lip. And what must hurt !, Although it is an area of ??the body that can give more complications than usual to make the tattoo as well as to cure it. And there are several factors to take into account. First, the size of the area for the tattoo. Starting from this base, the tattoos that can be made on the lip are very small.

Lip tattoo design

That is why if you look at the different examples that are on the net, many people are simply tattooed a word or a small object. Something concise that conveys a lot with little. In addition, the vast majority are black tattoos. But above all, I would say that the worst of all is the ease with which the tattoo can become infected. Not to mention how complicated it has to be to eat in the days after getting a tattoo. And all without counting that the tattooist has to have much precision and temperament to not do a destruction.

Now, nobody can deny that the Lip tattoo are one of the best that can be hidden. And is that if you do not teach the inner area of ??the lip no one will know that you have a tattoo there. And you, would you get a Lip tattoo? For tastes, colors.

Pictures of Lip tattoo