Lower back tattoo and sexy tattoo patterns for the lower back

The lower back is probably the place of the body most often chosen by women to achieve their tattoo. Very feminine, very sexy, and well suited for a tribal tattoo with aerated curves, flowers, vines, butterflies or birds, flowering tree branches, lower back allows To play with the symmetry of the body, and can sometimes serve as a base for a tattoo larger up from the buttocks to the torso, passing through the hips.

Lower back tattoo design

The lower back tattoo is very trendy. Many female stars and celebrities wear a lower back tattoo, like Angelina Jolie and her tiger tattoo. Most of the time, for a tattoo in the lower back, one chooses a pattern all in width, connecting the two hips. Often one will opt for a symmetrical tribal tattoo model, in order to respect the lines of the body as best as possible and to make the rendering as beautiful as possible.

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A lower back tattoo has the advantage of being relatively invisible, although the low waist trousers and the top worn over the navel often let it appear, at least as often as the string … Summer , It is of course more difficult to hide, but as it is a rage in bikini, especially with the male, it is usually not really a problem. The tattoo in the lower back is usually very well suited to feminine fashion, although its very “classic” side sometimes makes it a little banal, if the pattern is not very well inked and includes some coarse features less feminine.

The negative point most often mentioned to advise against a tattoo in the lower back is the problematic of pregnancy, and especially childbirth. If the lower back is not necessarily affected by the bodily changes generated by pregnancy, as can be the lower abdomen (deformities, stretch marks), it can however be problematic during delivery itself.

Indeed, anesthetists regularly refuse to perform an epidural when the woman wears a tattoo on the lower back. Contrary to many misconceptions about this issue, it is not a reason for the hidden visibility of the skin (people with dark skin would be bothered), but substances that are potentially present in the ink Which presents a minimal risk of the presence of ink particles in the cerebrospinal fluid, which (potentially, once again) could lead to pain problems in the back and even paralysis.

According to an article published in 2006 in the French Annales d’Anesthésie et de réanimation, anesthetists point out “the existence of a theoretical risk of late neurological complications”. There is, however, no known case of penetration of ink into the cerebrospinal fluid. The anesthetists generally refuse the epidural in the case of tattooing too dense in the lower back, and pricking in the untatoured areas when the motif allows it. Hence the importance of thinking carefully before choosing the location of the lower back if you want a painless delivery, or choose your tattoo model to leave room for the bite.

If you have stopped your choice and your motive, check out our directory of tattoo artists and make yourself inked a beautiful and sexy tattoo in the lower back, or on the fall of the kidneys.

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