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Within the world of tattoos, if we have to look for a type of tattoo that offers a wide range of possibilities when designing a design on our skin, it is undoubtedly the so-called “Tattoos Lyrics”, better known as Lyrics Tattoos , words or simply phrases. And is that it is a type of tattoo in which several types of arts come together as we will comment in this article.

On the one hand we have the art of tattooing, while on the other, we have the art of the tattoo artist to draw the type of letter that we want to translate into our body. And to that, we must add what is known as artistic calligraphy. The variety of Lyrics Tattoos that are available is almost infinite as we will comment well along the following points. If you are interested in tattooing a word or phrase, this article will be of interest to you.

Types of Tattoos Lyrics

Once you decide to get a tattoo of a phrase or word that has a great meaning for you, you will come to one of the most important points, what type of lyrics do I use? The truth is, the number of sources available is virtually unlimited. And as I usually say in these cases, the only limit we will find is our own imagination. Now, if we are looking to organize the types of letters by styles, we can have a list of letters sorted by categories.

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Among other types of Lyrics Tattoos, we can find types of Gothic letters, graffiti style, artistic calligraphy, Asian, handwritten, etc … The types of Lyrics Tattoos are numerous and varied. That yes, everything will depend on the idea that you have in mind to tattoo you the phrase or word in which you had thought. Are you looking for something more artistic, fluid and elegant? If so, it is best to opt for a smoothed and cursive calligraphy that lets the design flow.

Now, do you want a tattoo that will leave your message with a certain connotation of a hard character? If so, you should opt for a stronger typeface by leaving aside the fine and clean strokes. In these cases, a font type in bold with right angles usually looks great. In short, we will find fonts Italic, English, Gothic or minuscule Carolingian, to mention a few.

Beautiful lyrics for tattoos

Talking about pretty Lyrics Tattoo can be very relative. As we are commenting in this article, everything depends on the message that we want to transmit with said tattoo of a word or phrase. If it is a joyful message or a deep reflection, the truth is that I would opt for a typeface in cursive and of fluid design to convey smoothness and elegance.

Although, and as we will comment later, it all depends on the size of the phrase or word, as well as the place where we will tattoo it. In addition, when we speak of fonts in italics and too stylized, in the vast majority of cases only a female body will fit well. And is that with it, the woman manages to convey a greater delicacy as well as sensuality. Not to mention the possibility of transmitting an erotic message.

The types of Lyrics Tattoos are too varied to list them all. The first thing we must take into account as we have said before, is to be clear the message that we want to convey, since from there, a font will look better or worse.

Sources of letters for tattoos

Where Can I Get Lyrics Tattoos? If your head is hanging around this question, do not worry, there are several PC / MAC source directories on the network where you will find thousands of free fonts to download. In particular, one of the best places on the net to find and look at tattoo supplies is “dafont”, a site where you can download a hundred fonts for free in a convenient and fast way. And is that it does not need registration.

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Although we can also leave our more artistic side and let our imagination fly creating our own source or modifying some that we use as a base. And if drawing / design is not your thing, you can always choose to go directly to the tattoo artist who will do the tattoo in case you master the calligraphy.


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