Marriage budget: 10 extra expenses that can be escaped

Every marriage, because it is a major event, involves extra expenses that the bride and groom forget to add to their Marriage budget, since they do not look and correspond to the logistics. You will be surprised to know where they come from and how to be prepared.

Marriage budget – During the organization

Reach the altar wearing the wedding dress as always dreamed, adorn every detail of the celebration with a unique style that will be evident in the decoration for marriage, know the couple who are on that path or have decided to take the big leap. It is full of sublime and romantic moments as tasks, almost administrative, as, for example, make an exhaustive review of prices of wedding cakes and other preparations. Defining a Marriage budget and planning the development of that maximum event of their lives, inevitably involves the management of human resources as economic. Since the future spouses are not trained in these tasks, only in dreaming of their yes, I accept, it is almost a constant, that they overflow from the initial calculation. To prevent this from happening again with your wedding, we have compiled a list of the 10 classic extra expenses that couples usually miss, attributed to the logistics of their marriage. Do you want to know what they will be?

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The organization of any event, know who are producers, involves a strong investment in communication. Telephone calls from the landline or from the mobile to suppliers or guests. Internet both at home and the hiring of data packages for the Smartphone, since you have to be connected all the time to search for locations, services, purchase, manage your list and bride’s website, including the service for sending the marriage parties or invoices. All these represent an extra cost that is sometimes forgotten by the couple. But be quiet, thanks to your task planner you can have everything under control.


Every time they leave home in search of the church, the place, its parts, the wedding dress and shoes, its bouquet, the suit of the groom, the cake, the wedding rings, the decorative elements, the catering service , flower arrangements for wedding and many other details involve a cost for mobility. In general, those taxis or fuel are not considered if they have a car within the budget, but upon taking notice at closing, they will realize that it deserved to be included in their list of expenses.

Arrangements or repairs

The investment in the bride’s dress does not end when she finds it, it is necessary to return to the atelier or take it to the seamstress for the corresponding adjustments and for the respective test. In the same way the groom, visits to the tailor, imply an extra cost not considered by notches or coarse, as you already know, because they are outfits for boyfriends, add extra zeros to the account.

Breakfasts and lunches away from home

Whenever they go out to manage an issue related to the organization of their marriage and the lunch hour, dinner or breakfast surprise them away from home, it will suppose a special budget.

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All the staff or contracted professional that is part of your big day expects the snack to be considered minimally. We refer, for example, to the band of musicians, the dj, the master of ceremonies, the photographers and cameramen, the driver of the limousine or mobility that moves them, the person in charge of the parking lot and the members of security .

Extra drinks

Armed the atmosphere of the party, the couple receives the alert from the bar, that the spirits are about to finish, even water or soft drinks. It is then that the contingency request not foreseen in the budget is required.


During your wonderful day, you will need support hands for contingencies. People who can suddenly help with some last minute purchases, to lower the ornaments for marriage, to locate the drinks or other elements, it will be necessary to consider a small box for the payment of tips.

Extra hours

In general, the personnel hired as valets, hostesses, bartenders, musicians or watchmen whose hours are extended, will require the extra payment if the hours contemplated are not enough. Additional expenses that are also paid in cash and at the moment.

Taxis and transportation

They forgot the memories for the guests, the signature book, the simple wedding dress that will be used for the moment of the party or for the relatives who came from abroad or provinces were lost, although they seem remote things that may happen, they should not be stop planning, this will require the hiring of taxis or transportation to mobilize them.

Disassembly and cleaning costs

After the party is required to leave everything in place and make the respective disassembly. That is, leave the atmosphere of the reception, as it was before your marriage. It includes removal of the decoration, cleaning of the living room, kitchen and services. Many times they are not included in the budget, so to consider the maintenance staff. Ask your provider if these activities will be included in the budget.