Matching her fashion accessories with her tattoo

Although tattoos are not an ephemeral fashion effect, they can match with a lot of fashion accessories with her tattoo. It is also a great way to highlight and highlight his or her tattoo (s)!.

For example, a silk scarf tied around the neck loosely will enhance a tattoo on the neck or bust. A woman’s hat will highlight a tattoo on the neck. Or, a naked back dress will reveal her tattoo on the shoulder blade (like Angelina Jolie!). In short, ideas are not lacking!.

Fashion accessories with her tattoo color

Match your fashion accessories with her tattoo according to the color of your tattoo. As for color, it all depends on the tattoo: the uncolored tattoos will allow all fantasies. Colored tattoos on the other hand may be more difficult to match: colored tattoos will find complementary colors: orange-red tones will be married with fashion accessories or green, gray or black clothing. Tattoos in cool tones like blue will match brown (no matter the tone), white, yellow or black. On the other hand, the multicolored tattoos will be highlighted with accessories black, white, or in recall of color.

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Color reminder is a technique that consists of matching a multicolored piece (here a tattoo!) To other accessories or plain clothes whose color is part of the multicolored piece.

Fashion addicts do it without even realizing it! The visual result is pretty and sophisticated. You will have understood, in terms of fashion, the tattoo is nothing more nor less than an accessory in the same way as a colored scarf or a hat. We can therefore choose to match her outfit of the day or, on the contrary, to ignore it!.


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