Meet the Venezuelan ‘Red Skull tattoo man’, he invested $ 40,000 to look like the rival of Captain America!

Red Skull tattoo man. When it comes to emulating pop culture characters, the most committed fans often invest in expensive cosplays so as not to skimp on details … but there are those who are not afraid to go further in order to dress (or live) as the figure that inspires them. .

Red Skull tattoo man ideas

This is the case of the Red Skull tattoo man Henry Damon, who at 37 stopped spending on raincoats or conventional makeup to bet on tattoos and complex body modifications. All in order to resemble Red Skull, Captain America’s staunchest rival.

Henry is quite a celebrity in Spain, where he currently resides. His fondness for Marvel has not only led him to comic book conventions, but also to become a benchmark for tattoo records worldwide.

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The transformation process of this Red Skull fan started over 5 years ago. First he opted for internal expanders to mark the forehead and cheekbones that characterize the villain who cares for the Soul Stone. This is how it looked when the idea was hardly raised:

Damon’s biggest challenge was removing much of his nose. This required special surgery, and of course giving up the face that had characterized him from birth. It is worth mentioning that he has spent more than $ 40,000 on all his physical changes.

Some users assure that Red Skull tattoo man “erred” with the coloration, since his face was not exclusively tattooed with red color.

It is worth mentioning that this influencer took some creative liberties. Before being Red Skull, he was already fond of experimenting with the elasticity of the skin on his face.

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To date, Henry has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram alone. In addition to embodying Red Skull at different events, he is a sought-after tattoo artist and artist. He has two Guinness Records, both related to his peculiar transformation.

Day by day he shows his progress to “become” Red Skull, do you think he already looks like enough?.


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