Mexican skull tattoos symbolism

Mexican skull tattoos have gained enormous popularity over the past few years. They have a fascinating aesthetic that draws attention, can be customized in many ways, so it does not lose originality despite its popular nature, can be located in different parts of the body and can be done in all styles, but in addition to everything, they have a very interesting symbolism. Let’s talk a little about Mexican skull tattoos and enjoy a photo gallery with some good examples.

Symbolism and tradition behind the Mexican skull tattoos

In Mexican culture, the skeleton or rather the skulls are celebrated. While for the vast majority of cultures this can be scary and even unpleasant, since it reflects the death that is, after sex, the greatest taboo that exists, something quite different happens in Mexico.

In Mexican lands, as well as in several other parts of South America, there is a celebration called “the day of the dead”, which causes that fear to be expelled and shared with others, perhaps to not feel alone and thus celebrate life like the death of those who have left us, instead of looking at death with disdain, it is seen with irony and humor.

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This festivity is celebrated every November 2nd and the idea is to build an altar with offerings of food and things that belonged to those who died, being the skulls or sugar skulls the main ornament. Basically, this is where the Mexican skull tattoos come from and what has made them so famous.

The beauty of these skulls is that, in addition to being edible, they are decorated with roses and flowers of all kinds, colors and sometimes, makeup around the cheekbones, eyes and chin, which makes them more pleasing to the eye, more picturesque and maybe like that, less frightening.

In the tattoos of Mexican skulls there is a lot of variety and each one can add to the decoration personal elements that identify one. For example, there are those who add the famous Mexican hat, feathers, jewelry, geometric figures, certain colors in particular and many other things. It does not have to be a rigid design either, everyone can make the design they prefer, incorporating what they want to commemorate someone who died or just for fun.

Pictures of Mexican skull tattoos

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about the matter, let’s move on to what you most expected: the Mexican skull tattoo photos. Take a look at this gallery and do not forget to enlarge the thumbnails.