Mila Kunis Wedding Ring from Etsy

It is true that Mila Kunis wedding ring was purchased from Etsy in a not so expensive price at all. It is also known that both Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis did not want to spend much money on their wedding ring. Yet the previous ring which is the one for the engagement was said to be a decent one although for the wedding Mila Kunis decided to just get one on Etsy.

Mila Kunis Wedding Ring – Not look too much

The idea of Mila Kunis was to get a really thin platinum band so that it will not look too much for the wedding. Even the Mila Kunis wedding band needs to be zoomed on camera to be visible to audiences during an interview back then. The decision was made to get one of the rings from Tiffany and Co.

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Surprisingly when looking at the price it was just USD 90 so she was like so eager to make a purchase Meanwhile the one for Ashton Kutcher was on the price of USD 100 so that it is a bit more expensive than hers. At the end it looked on her anyway despite of the fact that the thin platinum band as Mila Kunis wedding ring was just having its price of under USD 100.


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