Mini kitchens – how to make the most of your space

When it comes to ideas of very small kitchens, “small” becomes a relative term. The similarity between very small kitchens is not just their limited square space, which is usually 70 square feet or less.

It is their shared distinction of being minimal, orderly and efficient at the same time. Below you will see a series of twenty-four models of kitchens that challenge the concept of mini kitchens.

For owners of modest sized kitchens, the first key is to think like a minimalist designer and edit your culinary collection of utensils and objects to basic necessities. If your kitchen is 20 square feet or 200 square feet, it is a healthy habit to eliminate anything that is not absolutely essential in your home.
The great solutions for a small space include small appliances that are usually European, such as a refrigerator under the counter with freezer drawers and a wall mounted faucet.

Now that you’ve narrowed down to the things you really need, it’s time to organize your kitchen efficiently. Take out gadgets that are never used and turn them off, later you will think about whether to sell, donate or throw them. As the center of your home, a kitchen easily attracts clutter; This tendency is accentuated in mini kitchens or in very small kitchens.

Enter the organization by investing in a custom cabinet system with features such as hidden storage or a tall, narrow silhouette for added storage space. Alternatively, open shelves give the illusion of more space to small kitchens.

The most important thing for the efficiency of a kitchen is its design. When space does not even allow a gallery style kitchen plan, a one-wall kitchen becomes the ultimate space-saving solution.

Because this single wall will house your countertops, cabinets and appliances, it is smart to consider the most efficient order of distribution of the elements, such as installing the sink next to the dishwasher and taking advantage of the entire wall by installing cabinets that arrive From floor to ceiling.

Everything in a very small kitchen should make a living. Instead of serving a single purpose, the elements must be necessary to work on more than one task.

For example, cabinets can house hidden corners for appliances, spice racks can be easily attached to cabinet interior doors, and the wall can be used to mount needs such as a kitchen paper holder or a shelf for the pots and pans. Carefully consider the multiple purposes of a product before taking it to its small space.

Not only will these changes make your small kitchen look bigger, but will instantly propel your small space into a neat, modern and sophisticated culinary venue.

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Storage options also abound in the world of kitchen islands. Not only do the islands provide a culinary space with more surface, but they increase the chances of hiding the utensils when they are not in use.

If your mini kitchen only has room for a small island, consider choosing a model that has storage units or shelves.

You may not be able to expand your kitchen, but it can certainly make it appear larger with reflective surfaces. Light cabinets and countertops by amplifying the light, as shown in the kitchen above.

Choose a bright white decor. Notice how the light bounces off every drawer, cabinet and tile in the kitchen above, which celebrates the power of shiny surfaces and contrasts in black.

Below you can see more incredible ideas for the decoration of the mini kitchens, enjoy the tour and do not stop visiting our website, see you soon.

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