Models Innovative Materials of Kitchen Countertops

The most modern kitchen countertops today are made of unusual materials. Some are natural materials, others are synthetic or composite. Glass is a very popular choice these days and presents many different possibilities on kitchen surfaces. You can even illuminate certain zones if you have built-in Led lights. Among the advantages of glass countertops are the following; Is a non-porous material, the maintenance and cleaning are simple, it is resistant to heat and is customizable since we can reach different shades and colors. The negative aspect of a glass surface is that it may be somewhat more expensive.

Stainless steel is popular because of its strength, stain resistance and heat resistance. Characterized by its use in commercial kitchens, its non-porous and hygienic surface is ideal for food preparation and is also easy to clean. The reflective surface can also make a small kitchen look bigger. Its construction lends itself to integrated dashboards, sinks, drainboards and soap dispensers, and usually matches the pre-existing color of appliances and hoods. Although they are durable, you should employ cutting boards and be careful to drop heavy objects. Stainless steel is technically a chromium-containing steel alloy. It does not rust or corrode as easily as normal steel.

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Most of today’s concrete kitchen countertops are prefabricated, and for good reason. Made to measure and of any size, the prefabricated countertops are poured into the environment, allowing for more color and texture options, as well as the ability to use modern reinforcing technology. Each surface is handmade, allowing for customizing the shape, thickness, sink, and trim of appliances, and additional details like an integrated wringer. Prefabrication also offers the possibility of creating a wider range of furniture and countertop options. An identifying sign of prefabricated concrete counters is that they come with visible seams, which is not necessarily something negative; The seams allow the worktop to be flexed and moved a bit more, which reduces the likelihood of cracks that occur with the natural decline of concrete over time.

White kitchen design features large bar style kitchen island with granite countertop illuminated by modern pendant lights. Stainless steel appliances framed by white shaker cabinets . Northwest USA

The copper countertops will oxidize without sealing or tarnishing the passage of time, giving it a unique patina with touches of red, green and brown on it. Sealed countertops will keep their appearance shiny for longer and do not need to be periodically treated with beeswax or butchery to keep it in good condition. Copper is a soft metal, so it is easily dented and scratched. Copper countertops are apparently surprisingly easy to clean. Use warm water and soap, or some lemon juice, salt, and a sponge to scrub. Copper countertops are also naturally antimicrobial, that is, they resist bacteria better than stainless steel.

Below you will see more images of kitchen countertops made from the materials mentioned above, and also some others made of zinc, wood or stone. Do not miss this fabulous tour and find out why these materials are so much sought after today for kitchen surfaces, see you soon.

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