Multifunctional kitchen island designs for all styles

Kitchen island designs. Today we present the kitchen island, we have chosen one hundred fantastic kitchen island designs for different tastes and styles of kitchen, see them all and decide for the most practical.

Kitchen island designs ideas

Do not think that it is necessary to have a lot of space, it is a multifunctional furniture that will facilitate access to utensils and products of greater use. We will begin by commenting on this spectacular kitchen island designs with a futuristic style. The author claims to have been inspired by the shape of the ice and its fusion by creating this original piece that, as we can appreciate, is equipped with every detail to become an essential furniture in the kitchens of the future.
In the following example we can verify that we can create our own kitchen island designs putting some imagination. The wonderful island made from an old barrel and a custom marble countertop fits perfectly in this space providing a very useful new surface.

Another peculiar model of kitchen island designs is the following one, of rectangular form and quite wide, is decorated with tiles that connect with the design of the kitchen with wooden furniture. The style in this case is more traditional and rustic, but the atmosphere is so welcoming that the island can also be used as a dining table.

Let’s move on to observe this fabulous kitchen island designs that is also an aquarium with live fish, really cool. We understand that this is a somewhat daring model and not suitable for anyone, but we wanted to show it as an example of a fusion of beauty, fashion and functionality.

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We also bring ideas for the homemade manufacture of practical cooking islands, ideal for those household hands. We can create a great island or rolling kitchen furniture with wooden pallets. According to the example, this furniture also has numerous drawers that are perfect for storing kitchen utensils.

Generally kitchen islands have a wide flat surface of materials resistant to extreme temperatures, blows or cuts. In this way the island’s counter top performs many different functions. We can cut food directly on it, put very hot pots on top or use it as a dining table.

The superb marble kitchen island of the upper image corresponds precisely to what has already been mentioned, the surface of the worktop is quite extensive, reason why a part of it has been reserved for its practical culinary use and another one with high chairs for the function Casual dining style kitchen.

Let’s talk now about minimalism, that style so sought after today. The design of the photograph shows such modern and futuristic kitchens, characterized by their quest for comfort and simplicity for any kind of spaces. We are struck by the kitchen table that extends from the island, thus visually separating the different functions of each piece of furniture.

As we already advanced at the beginning, we have selected models of kitchen island designs for all tastes. For classic and stately kitchen island designs there are also beautiful islands that combine with this type of furniture, and this is confirmed by the luxurious green kitchen with island as a whole of the example we see.

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Also this beautiful bohemian and slightly vintage style kitchen presents a practical island. In this case it is smaller in size but is ideal for the space available in the center of the kitchen. It is made from wood, the bottom is trimmed producing a feeling of spaciousness and more space.

For lovers of the Shabby chic style we also offer fabulous ideas. See this beautiful kitchen with small piece of furniture in the middle fulfilling the kitchen island function, it is adorable. In this case an island has been improvised by placing a small cabinet with a marble plate on the top that makes of countertop.

Going back to minimalism we show this modern kitchen with central island with wood laminate. This material gives the possibility of reaching virtually any type of finish and appearance, for this reason is currently so requested for all types of interior designs as it is resistant, economical and beautiful.

Depending on the kitchen model, the islands may also have designs that recall American bar furniture or kitchens that join other spaces such as the living room or living room. This is the case of the kitchen shown in the example above, the kitchen island is really a great multipurpose bar.

The following model shows a kitchen with several islands of different shape. The largest and central is square and has a large laminated surface that includes a small laundry. The original of this island is that it has side shelves that have been used as a library so the furniture has been assigned very different functions, making it one of the most important elements of the whole place.

Another example of kitchen island designs is the following luxurious kitchen with central square island and high dining chairs. In this case the surface of the worktop has been created from the combination of several materials that allow different uses and thus make the beautiful piece of furniture in a very pleasant multipurpose area.

Many have already opted for stainless steel as a star material for their kitchen island designs. Whether it is for finishing the furniture or just to cover those areas of greatest use, this is a very useful material and also quite generous with the environment as it allows to be recycled.

In the beautiful kitchen of green design that we see in the photograph also appears a great island with different laminates. In this case the same material has been used for the finishing of all furniture with the exception of several appliances that are made of stainless steel, the result is very original.

Finally, as far as functionality is concerned, the most current are kitchen islands with space designed for each utensil and each appliance, so that they can hide completely when they are not being used. This is the smartest way to save space by combining functionality along with aesthetics.

See that in kitchens of very different designs can equally achieve great results. In the example of Shabby Chic style with island of white kitchen one of the compartments is created to measure to place a small electrical appliance so that it does not disentone in the harmony of the decoration.

In the same way in the design of minimalist kitchen with stainless steel furniture we can see an island with some extensible parts, it is an ideal model for spaces smaller or of much mobility since it gives the possibility to adapt the furniture to the needs of each day. In short, we can now improve the use of our kitchen if we add an island as long as it can take advantage of the space available in the kitchen rather than hamper it.

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