Neck tattoo – tattoo pattern on the neck

The neck is one of the most popular body areas for a tattoo. Particularly appreciated by women for its discreet and sexy side, the tattoo on the neck is particularly widespread among celebrities women in vogue (Rihanna and her tattoo of stars, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie.) The Neck tattoo is in fashion And the most common motifs are generally very feminine: butterflies, stars and trails of shooting stars, sun, flowers, Chinese or Japanese symbols, different forms of tribal tattoo.

Neck tattoo design ideas

Neck tattoo remains quite visible and is sometimes difficult to hide, especially in the summer, and this is especially true with feminine outfits. It is important to think carefully before choosing this site, which, if it is discreet and well tolerated by society because it is relatively common, it remains nevertheless exposed.

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Remember that tattooing in the workplace often retains a hard reputation. If you have stopped your choice and your motive, check out our directory of tattoo artists and make yourself inked a beautiful and sexy tattoo in the hollow of the neck.

Send us the pictures of your Neck tattoo and at the base of the neck, between the shoulders, in order to appear in this section. Tattoo artists, send us your accomplishments.

Neck tattoo photo