Old school heart tattoo: tattoo patterns

The Old school heart tattoo is with patterns of stars, flowers or skulls, one of the most common patterns of the traditional old school tattoo. The heart is indeed a very popular motif for its symbolic linked to love, which is one of the reasons most often evoked for a tattoo. The heart tattoo symbolizes in effect universally the unconditional and eternal love, engraved on the skin. It can be passionate love, romantic love, but also maternal or paternal love, devotion to the family or to God (the heart tattoo can then be crowned with a crown of thorn or d ‘a cross). Couples wishing to symbolize their union by a tattoo often resort to the heart motif, sometimes tattooed identically on both people and, for example, the name of the loved one on a parchment of old school style. The indelible side of the tattoo, combined with the symbolism of the heart, makes it an act of strong commitment that cements, at least symbolically, the union of the couple.

Old school heart tattoo design

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Of course, love does not always last a lifetime, passion sometimes crumbles between lovers, and the Old school heart tattoo is consequently one of the motives that involve the most the risk of being regretted. It can also become embarrassing for people who wish to engage in a new romantic relationship. Even if the tattoo can be considered as a snapshot of a period of life, which is part of personal history, the new spouse will rarely accept to see permanently on the skin of his lover the name Of an ex. There are several alternatives for the case of a heart tattoo that is regretted: the laser tattoo removal, the covering of the tattoo by another more neutral pattern, whole or partial covering (see for example the great modification made on the tattoo Of Johnny Depp’s heart following his break with Winona Ryder)

The association of the heart tattoo with the name of a loved one goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the sailors, originating most of the old school tattoo motifs, were tattooed these red hearts pierced by a Arrow, sometimes with angel wings or flames, and the name of their wife or mother. This symbol of tattooing was also very taken up by the American navies during World War II, which then conveyed this tattoo motif in Europe as a talisman to bring luck

In addition to the symbolism of love, obvious and universal, the heart is a representation of the soul. This symbolic is more used to define the location of a tattoo on the body than as a pattern. One usually gets tattooed on the heart something that has particular importance. In the Christian religion and in popular culture, the heart is a mystical symbol in which all feelings are grouped. Many French expressions use this symbolism: “Have a heart of stone, a heart of gold, speak with an open heart, break someone’s heart, have heart on hand, not have heart to laugh, etc. . These expressions, present in hundreds in the French language and declined in many languages ??around the world, can be symbols used in tattooing when defining a motif.

The form used to symbolize the heart is not a realistic representation of the human organ. The shape of the heart is closer, because of its symmetry of the representation of the forms of a woman or of two being embracing.

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Examples of heart patterns in the old school tattoo:
Tribal Heart or surrounded by tribal elements
Sacred and religious heart with the crown of thorns, flames for the Calvary of Christ
Heart pierced with an arrow signifying romanticism, the thunderbolt
Heart and roses, two symbols of eternal love united
Heart broken or wounded, bleeding
Realistic heart, sometimes represented gore and sanguinolente
Celtic Heart, symbol of the union of souls
Winged heart to represent love for a missing loved one or being a free spirit
Heart with dagger or dagger, symbol of treason
Heart with a padlock: one person of the couple has one lock and the other the key
Heart with stars that represent the bohneur and the favorable opportunities
Heart with a flag for patriotism
Hands holding a heart: love and parental attention
Black heart, symbol of sadness and darkness
Many celebrities have already opted for this motive. Jennifer Aniston, Janis Joplin, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Alyssa Milano, Courtney Love, Pete Doherty, Julia Roberts …

Old school heart tattoo designs


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