Original Wall Clocks

The original wall clocks are usually quite prominent pieces resting on the top of the wall so you have to look up to see a little time. If you have a funny design, as well as being functional, give a decorative touch and could even be the focal point of a room.

Wall Clocks Style

The first thing we noticed with original wall clocks is that the size of the piece, which can vary from very small to very large occupy much of the wall (eg, such as that seen at the beginning).

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The style you use is up to you. To put one of the more original it is usual to have a modern style at home or in the room where you will put the clock because these often have such tendencies. The classic and rustic clocks, although beautiful, do not have much originality.

Color may vary depending on design and also have to combine with what you have on the wall in the lounge. Often these clocks are used in cooking to measure time to cook and it is a focal point for this room. We can also use them elsewhere.

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Here you can see some very original designs of wall clocks