Pictures of Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures. Giant beasts with wings that give off fire by the mouth. As they are so magical, they are also so coveted in tattoos, so here are some pictures of dragon tattoos.

Dragon Tattoo Style

There are two different types of Dragon tattoo. Eastern dragons are seen as benevolent beings who are the protectors of life, fertility and good fortune. And on the other hand the western dragons tend to be creatures of evil that destroy peoples and hide treasures.

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The oriental Dragon tattoo are usually seen in black and elaborated with flames of fire. However, the Japanese and Chinese style are very ornate and can have color tones.

As we know dragon tattoos are usually made by both men and women, although for both sexes they may have different meanings. For men it may imply strength, courage, wisdom, protection. And for women: creation, protection, strength.

I invite you to click on each image to enlarge it and better appreciate these Dragon tattoo designs. I hope you will be inspired to design your tattoo.

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Dragon tattoo images


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