Popular prison tattoo designs and their meaning

If the archaeological records and the ancient artefacts apparently date from 8000 AC, the history of the tattoo is 6000 AC. Tattoos have been – and in some cultures still – a sign of maturity, or a mark of representation of a rank or position in the tribe or community, or even a symbol that marks the history of ‘A young boy up to adulthood. They were also used to denote tribal affiliations, with each tattoo describing the history of the heritage of an individual and his family.

Through most modern stories, tattoos have become more associated with pride, identity, and psychological needs to detach and be different. In ancient China, however, tattoos were also used to mark and identify convicted criminals. While the thought that prison tattoos originated from this cruel and archaic practice seems unlikely, they share the same notoriety.

Throughout the years, prison tattoos have had a terrible reputation and spawned their own culture. It was natural for people to fear individuals who wore prison tattoos because they spent their time in jail for a crime they had committed, and stigma endured over time.

With the popularity of the expanding tattoo, many decided to wear a prison tattoos even though they had never gone to jail, simply because the designs are awesome. If you think you are doing a prisoner tattoo, you may want to know the meaning of some of them most popular, just like that you will not have any problems with people who might think you are part Of a rival gang.

prison tattoo design

Tear tattoo

The Rapper Lil ‘Wayne tear tattoos would represent two members of his family who were killed.

If you are thinking of getting a tear tattoo, make sure you know what you are doing. Often located just below the eye, tear tattoos can have different meanings. They can represent the number of years a person spent in jail, or the loss of a loved one or a member of a gang. In some cases, it is also seen as a sign that the individual who carries it has – or intends to – commit a murder. In Mexico, tear tattoos can also mean the number of times the prisoner has been raped in prison.

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Due to the simplicity of its design and ease of execution, tear tattoos have become popular design choices despite the rather black symbolism. Celebrities like rapper Lil Wayne and basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire wear tear tattoos for a variety of personal reasons. This drawing has become so common that just because someone wears a tear tattoo does not mean he has done jail. This is especially true for colored tears. Prisoners rarely have access to colored inks in prison….

The process is as ordinary as having a classic tattoo but as the second covers, the new ink is in agreement with the colors and will go deeper into the dermis at about 1mm. So the old and the new pigment will combine together but the colors with a darker and wider ink will stand out like most of the dominant.
As a result, black is the easiest choice to choose from if you want to completely cover your regretted tattoo. You just have to be careful in choosing the design because all the pure black tattoos will not give good on everyone. It will take a talented artist able to remove a tattoo and cover the old with a dark tattoo.

As a game of hide and seek, the artist will need to formulate an effective strategy in order to hide the original tattoo without making the new one too complicated. Factors such as size, style, area to be covered and pigments should be considered before application.

The tattoo 1488

If your birthday falls on January 4, 1988, you may think twice before you get a “1488” tattoo on your skin. This number, goes with 14 and 88 all alone, they were used by white supremacist detainees and Nazis.

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Number 14 is a quote from the famous Nazi leader David Lane, who says, “We must secure the lives of our people and the future of our white children.”, And number 88 is a keyboard short for the 8th letter of The alphabet, written twice, or HH for “Heil Hitler”. The number 14 can also represent another slogan of 14 words of the white supremacy, also of Lane, which declares “because the beauty of the Arienne woman must not disappear from the earth”.

The 1488 tattoo can be found on any part of the body, although the hardcore fans of the Nazional Sozialismus wear it proudly on the forehead. If you really want to have your birthday date, January 4, 1988, tattooed, consider putting it in any letter. Or make a completely different design.


The points are undoubtedly the simplest and most suspicious prison tattoos designs that exist today. Easy to do and requires little ink, points can represent a wide variety of meaning, depending on the number and location. The tattoo of the three points, for example, is a known prison tattoo that represents “mi vida loca”, or “my crazy life”. While not associated with a particular gang, this design is symbolic of a gang lifestyle. This is often seen on the hands or around the eyes. In some countries, the tattooing of the three points also has a religious meaning, often representing the Holy Trinity.

A variation of the tattoo of the three points is the tattoo of the five points, or the quincunx. This design symbolizes the time spent in prison, with the four points that represent the four walls that surround the 5th point, which represents the prisoner. The tattooing of the five points can be seen in prisons around the world, especially in Europe and the United States. This prison tattoo design is commonly seen on the hands, between the thumb and forefinger. If it is placed elsewhere in the body, or if it is done in another orientation, the tattooing of the five points may take on a different meaning. The gang members of the nation are often seen with a star tattoo and five points or a crown with five points.

So plan your next tattoo carefully, if you do not want to make a mistake by someone who has given it away. The subjects are apparently innocent as tears, random numbers, and even series of points can take on a darker meaning than you think, and you have to pay attention to the meaning of the symbols you permanently put on your body . There are so many popular prison tattoo designs. It is important that you know the hidden meaning behind these drawings, and avoid the stigma that accompanies every tattoo. Unless of course you do not want a particular bad boy or bad girl look. Moreover, knowing the symbolism behind the design of the tattoo you have chosen will avoid any mockery, and worse, any unwanted problems.


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